Here’s a fun story.

It’s Morning Radio Day!

And here’s the thing, I love the radio. I want to love my iPod in the car; however, I have a problem. My car is new enough not to have a tape deck, but not new enough to have an auxiliary plug-in. So I sort embrace the radio. That and the mixed CDs that my sister makes me every time I have to drive anywhere. She rules.

So I have another radio story. A longish time ago, when I was a junior in high school I was jamming to the radio in my room. On my super cool stereo. I was like totally awesome. Anyway, they were giving away Killers tickets to the 10th caller. And guess who happened to be the 10th caller? Me.

I sounded like a giant idiot. I had never called into the radio prior to that and I haven’t called in since. I’ve got a perfect radio record.

Good news for those of you that are less than pleased with my blogging skills the past few weeks. I have a four hour layover tomorrow in Houston and I will be writing you an apology letter. You deserve it. I have very good reasons why I haven’t been as awesome a scribe. I’ll explain. In the letter tomorrow.


Going to miss being distracted.


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  1. becky armstrong

    Hhhmmff! I hope so!!

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