Pink Flamingo Day

I’m home for 12 hours. I landed at 7:25 p.m. and I leave at 7:15 a.m. Disney World is calling. I can’t wait. However, I was sad to leave Charleston today. I got into a routine there. It felt good to be in a post school routine. I miss it already.

I had an outstanding time there. I had so much fun eating delicious meals and spending time with people that I love. I need to update you on my time spent there. I just didn’t have time to successfully blog every night. For that I am truly sorry. But I was with someone I care a lot about. Someone I don’t get to see everyday of my life. So I was a tad bit distracted. I still love all of you I promise. I will do my best to blog my heart out from now on. I really did miss you guys.

I fee like you are my people. I don’t know some of you, but I see your names in the comments section. I get emails telling me someone has subscribed. A lot of you are from all over the world, which is very cool. But I did miss you. Here is my formal apology.

Dear Readers of The Celebrationist,

I am desperately sorry that it has come to a point and time that I have write you this letter within a blog. I care about you all very much. I realize that some of you care about this blog very much as well. And frankly, I’ve let you down. Please know that you and this most pithy of blogs are still very dear to my heart.

But I was on a vacation. A vacation that ended up being much longer that I had initially imagined. A vacation that made me blissfully happy. A vacation that I loved. I realize that I became a little distracted with my vacationing and vacationing activities. But fear not, I will continue this project. I signed on for a year and a year is what you will get.

Please accept this as the most sincere and heartfelt apology that I can muster without seeing you face to face. I do love you dearly. I love seeing that you comment with your interesting quips. I will be trying much much harder in the next week to make this up to you.


The Celebrator

Well there you have it. A hand typed letter of apology. And now for the updates:

I’ll start with Bermuda Day. Bermuda day was an incredible success. I spent the afternoon on a boat cruising around the Charleston harbor. I saw Fort Sumter. I saw the Battery. I saw a WWII boat, that our boat driver (whom I like very much) tried to tell us was a Civil War ship. It was so fun to just be out on the water. We saw a dolphin. If that doesn’t scream Bermuda Day I don’t know what does. By the end of the day I was covered in salt water mist, but it was worth it. It was so fun. Post boat adventure, I went to a really great bar called the Windjammer. It’s where Hootie and the Blowfish got famous. It’s right on the beach and very fun. We were there on a weekday so we were some of the only people there, which I was fine with. Twas a great beachy Bermuda Day!

And Nerd Day. I don’t know if you will ever truly know the extent of my nerdiness. But it’s there and it runs deep. It runs deep enough to have a conversation with my mom about how my brother’s friend looks like a character from Star Trek. It runs deep enough to get really jazzed when I saw a preview of for a three night special at the movie theater where they are showing the extended edition Lord of the Rings movies. One each Friday night for three weeks. I love it all. Wizards, hobbits, vampires, orcs, goblins, dwarves, werewolves. You name it and I’ve probably watched it. However, I don’t do Planet of the Apes movies. Ever. For any reason. Those things creep me the heck out. But other than that any nerdy sci-fi adventure is right up my alley. Oh, zombies, I’m also good with zombies.

But now I’m sure you would like to know about my Pink Flamingo Day celebrations. I don’t blame you. I would be interested too, but that’s probably just because I’m chronically nosy.

I have been spotting pink flamingos for the month because I knew that this day was on the horizon. (Just started singing the theme to Return of the King called On the Horizon, my nerdiness is showing.) So I was at a high school graduation last week and the students throw beach balls. The teachers try to immediately thwart any beach ball activity, because heaven forbid someone enjoy a graduation ceremony. But this year a student brought a pink flamingo blow up. Genius. I was so pleased. I cheered them on from the stands. I also saw this little number a couple of days ago at a Christmas store in Charleston.

Would have bought it, but I wasn't really into spending $25 for an ornament.

Once I get more pictures from my trip I will post them. I hope you are satisfied with my updates and blog for the day. I leave for Disney World in the morning. I’m sure you will get some interesting things from that adventure.


When you wish upon a star.

PS: Part of the June list has been posted!


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