Memorial Day

Today is a day to honor our the soldiers who gave their lives for this country and remind yourself how great it is to live in the USA. I can’t think of a better place to celebrate Memorial Day than an airport. I’ve been over this before, people act differently in airports than normal. They are more willing to share stories with you and they are always more than willing to thank soldiers they see.

I have been involved in three airport military experiences. One time there were 5 or 6 guys in uniform walking by my gate and people just instinctually started clapping. It was like the commercial that showed a few years ago. Then there was the time that I sat next to a solider on one of my flights. He was going back to Iraq after his mid tour leave. He was on his third tour of duty. He was incredibly nice and so proud of his job. Lastly, there was a time that I was going to visit the solider I knew. It was a year ago. He was home for his mid tour leave. He beat me to the airport and popped out from behind a column. I hadn’t seen him in over a year. It was so fun. I actually got to see him yesterday! He is home and safe forever.

So now don’t just think of memorial day as a day off from work, but thank that guy down the hall that always tries to tell you war stories. Wear American flag themed clothing (actually, you should be doing that every single day). Appreciate the fact that you are a citizen of this country because someone thought our values were worth defending and dying for.

Here’s a fun fact! The first Memorial Day was celebrated in Charleston, South Carolina. I was there yesterday!

And this is the part where we learn each others names and I tell you about my day.

I’m officially in Disney World. I rose this morning at 4:00 a.m. (Meredith Moriak, always think of you when I write a time on here. I know I have a lot of typos, but at least my time is in AP style. I think.) I slept in a menagerie of positions at my airport gate and on the plane and on the bus. Public Transport Narcolepsy is very real. But now I’m here. Everyone is in vacation mode.

To explain vacation mode let me explain a situation in the Tulsa airport today. My dad had all of our boarding passes printed out. Two for each of us. He was handing us our pass for Tulsa to St. Louis and I took my other one as well. He said he wanted to hold onto the other ones. I said I was 21 years old and figured I could handle it. My dad rules. He is a combination of 50% Clark Griswold, 50% George Banks and 32% Most Interesting Man in the World. That’s more than 100% for a reason.

My mom is a professional organizer. So our trip is planned well to say the least. I would never see all of the things that are available to me on vacation without her. She has a gift. I will see every ounce of awesomeness this week due to her diligence.

Abby has made me laugh a thousand times since we left home. She was making fun of me in the airport and told me I looked four years old, because I sort of did. I told her she looked like Velma from Scooby Doo. She recently got bangs. I thought it was a fair trade of insults.

Tom Beard is in his element. He has had ice cream. Been to the pool. Yelled loudly many times. Actually today when he was talking I said the following, “voice modulation is real Tina Fey, bigot.” He didn’t laugh, but I did. He is a happy camper.

And so am I. I’ve been a happy little clam for weeks now. Actually since about mid March. I bought a book today in the airport which in case you are wondering is the second book in two days I have read. I bought Tina Fey’s book Bossypants. I knew I liked Tina Fey, but I had no idea that I wanted to be like her when I grew up. I have only said that about one other person. Elaine Benes. From Seinfeld. And she’s not even a real person. But that’s what I discovered. That someday I want to be hilarious and witty and fun. And apparently I need to dye my hair brown.

Sorry I don’t have super influential women that I want to be like. Just quirky smart ones. Deal with it.


There’s a snake in my boot.



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2 responses to “Memorial Day

  1. Barb Reese

    I want to hear lots about DW—I am going there June 10th with my, brother and his 2 girls, and my dear sister and her granddaughter. Where are y’all staying? I have done some planning, but not enough I fear. Highlights please!

  2. I bought that on my kindle one single week ago. And I laugh out loud while reading it, even at the pool when I’m laying out alone.
    Tell Mickey hi

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