A 31st Day?

I was under the impression that there were only 30 days in May. I was incorrect. There’s an extra. A 31st day that I was unaware of. Since I was oblivious to this day I didn’t plan a holiday for it. So I deem this Most Magical Day of All, which is fitting due to me being here at Disney World.

We kicked of the day freakishly early. I was at the Magic Kingdom by 7:30 a.m. We are walking in the park and we haven’t even crossed the threshold when a lady in a motorized chair runs over my dad’s ankles. We laughed. We rode rides. I ate a freakish amount of food. It was delightful.

Disney music played throughout the day. I sang along, naturally. We went to Epcot. It reminded me of the park from Iron Man. We got to walk through the countries. That is the best part of the whole trip. And it reminded me of my desire to travel to Morocco. A Moroccan man wrote my name in Arabic. It was very pretty. I bought a cool terra-cotta box in Mexico. I collect boxes. Bet ya didn’t know that, unless I told you once or something or you’ve been I my bathroom.

But now my feet hurt. And I’m sleepy. And I want to finish Bossypants. I’ll try and post some pics soonish. But I don’t have a computer and the interwebs cost $9.99 per 24 hours. Which seems like too many dollars. So I’m stuck blogging on my phone. My iPad doesn’t have the 3G set up yet.

I’ll just get arthritis for you all. It’s worth it. Right?


I sang Pocahontas today.


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