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Blast Off

I have been looking forward to this day all month. It’s Bomb Pop Day. How delicious!!! I couldn’t more pleased. I went to the store and came away with these…


I got a little nervous at the grocery store. I didn’t immediately see the bomb pops. I was instantly fearful that the metropolis of Bartlesville was sold out of bomb pops. Maybe everyone was trying to get their celebration on? Maybe my celebratory ways are rubbing off? Doubt it. But I found them! And I’ve had two.



It was a delightfully patriotic treat(s). I will have to say, the red is the best of the three flavors. I’m always sad when I finish the red level. And you have to eat bomb pops so fast, because by the time you get to the blue it’s so melty. But it was a great celebration. Especially because 4th of July is coming up.

You should start getting really excited for what I’m going to wear for the 4th. You will not be disappointed. I plan on looking like the most patriotic person. If you feel like you too will be dressed to impress please send me a picture of your holiday gear. You can tweet me your picture @_celebrationist or you can email me at If your pictures rule I’ll post them right here for all of the approximate 170 people that read this daily to see.

I love the 4th of July. It’s in my top three favorite holidays, and I celebrate a lot of holidays.


Bomb pops bursting in air.

PS: On an unrelated note, my family is going to dinner and we are listening to music together on the way. You know, just the family faves, including but not limited to, Eminem, Lil Jon, Soulja Boy, TI and Flo Rida. I have fun people.

PPS: I just looked at that picture of myself with the bomb pop. I am sorry if I scared your children with my Pterodactyl looking neck. I love that silent P.


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Cameras are neat.

I like cameras. They are seemingly the best and worst part of this generation. On one hand you can capture anything! On the other hand it can end up on Facebook. I have a camera that I like very much. It is a cool little Sony. Rotating viewfinder. Other cool things. It’s just a delight.

And in honor of camera day, I watched Inception for the second time. HBO has been on an Inception kick. If you haven’t seen it you need to watch it. And then watch it again, because I’m quite certain you won’t really know what’s going on.

But there is one scene, filmed in a hallway, where gravity shifts in all directions. It is one of the coolest scenes in a movie. It’s probably one of my favorite scenes in a movie. I keep a mental list of movie scenes that I love. Just off the top of my head, Ferris Bueller the parade scene, Top Gun the volleyball scene, Star Wars the scene where Leia says I love you and Hans says I know, American Beauty the scene with the plastic bag and when Kevin Spacey is driving in his car, Back to the Future when Marty pretends to be an alien, Princess Bride scene in the fire swamp, Bridesmaids in the dress shop, 500 Days of Summer in Ikea and the last scene of Fast Five. Oh wait, Fast Five was the worst.

That was a fairly extensive list. And fun fact, they were all filmed with a camera!

I remember the days when I would have a disposable and take pictures of nonsense and beg my mom to get them developed. Those were the days. Pre-digital camera. When 26 pictures were all you got. That’s all I’ve got.


I’m scared of ROUSs

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Happy Hands Club

It’s Handshake Day and I have several to share with you. It was a great day for handshaking. I started thinking of handshakes I was envious of as a child. Two came to mind. The Parent Trap and Boy Meets World.

The video of Parent Trap is of Annie and Martin, her butler. Martin is maybe the best character in that movie. Also, a confession, I thought that Lindsay Lohan was a twin when I saw that movie. I was so boggled when I found out movie magic created two Lindsays.

The video from Boy Meets World is the handshake between Corey and Shawn. They modify it so they will look cool in high school. Boy Meets World is still one of my all time favorite TV shows. I occasionally make BMW references in conversation. I need to have those on DVD. Feel free to gift me those. Enjoy the vids.

I had a really great handshake today. Maybe my most favorite handshake ever.


That is Evie Jane Powell. She was born on Sunday. She is the youngest human I know. I got to hold her for a few hours tonight and I just love her. She is the sweetest little nugget. I’d say handshake day was an incredible success.


And I said to myself, “Kyle.” “Kyle?” “That’s what I call myself.”


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I heart Corey Hart.

It’s Sunglasses Day and you better believe the celebration today will focus on the music video for ‘I Wear My Sunglasses at Night’. In 1984 Corey Hart released that hot jam. It’s one of those songs that gets stuck in my head on a strangely regular basis. Now, I’m sure not many of you know more lyrics than I wear my sunglasses at night so I can, so I can. I figured this was the case. Let me walk you through some of the better lyrics.

Don’t switch the blade on a guy in shades, oh no, oh no. Lyric genius if you ask me. Now, since I wasn’t alive in 1984 I ask my mom, who happens to be sitting right here, what she thought of the greatest song of all time. Her response, “I thought it was stupid”. While I am slightly saddened, I understand. I mean seriously wearing your sunglasses at night has got to be hazardous. You can freaking see anything. But you feel like a superhero. Just look at this video!

Let’s discuss the highlights.

1. Everyone lounging against that wall wearing their sunglasses. Who are they? Where are they going? Is that guy playing a violin?

2. What papers are they approving? Whoever has control of that stamp just notarized the crap out of some documents.

3. How did Corey Hart rip his shirt? Answer, he couldn’t see where he was going with those sunglasses on.

4. Why is Corey Hart in trouble with the Gestapo?

5. Corey Hart really needs to clean his apartment.

6. I had no idea you could seduce the lady warden to let you out of the fake prison by reminding her, yet again, that you wear your sunglasses at night.

After watching that video and reading the lyrics I honestly couldn’t tell you at all what that song is about. I did walk away with one thing. Corey Hart wears his sunglasses, not during the day, but at night.

In honor of this day, I also wore my sunglasses. Not at night, but during the day, when they are useful. And not a hindrance to my safety. I have some really great Ray Bans. The rays were definitely banned today.

Not at night.

Feel free to wear your sunglasses at night if you are interested in getting arrested by your potential love interest girlfriend that works for the Gestapo.


Don’t be afraid of the guy in shades.

Oh no. Oh no.

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It’s just like riding a bike.

You know that feeling when you are riding a bike and everything is so blissfully perfect and you stick your legs out and you use a run on sentence and your hair is blowing and you are so incredibly happy? You know the feeling I’m talking about? You do? Ok good. I was concerned there for a second. Well that was my day. I felt like this today:

Bliss. Real life bliss.

That’s me in the black. That’s Nicole on the right. That’s Paris all around us. Those are our legs showing how blissful we are. That guy on the bench is clearly mad he isn’t riding bikes with us. I highly highly suggest Fat Tire Bike Tours if you are ever in Paris, London, Berlin or Barcelona. You see the entire city and you get to ride a cool bike. The guides are Americans in their mid 20s. It’s a blast.

Anyway, that’s the feeling I had today. I got to hold, after nine long months a sweet little baby that I have been desperately waiting for. She is the sweetest little nugget. When I finally held her, I told her she was the youngest human that I knew. Which is true. I hadn’t met anyone that was younger than 5 hours. There is something so incredibly great about holding a new human. It was bliss. Real life bliss. It was a happy little day.

I wonder if on the this day a million years ago when bikes were invented, if they knew the amount of joy they would be spreading with the world. Did they know that they not only were inventing a great mode of transportation, but also a giant cliche? What did people compare things to before bikes? It’s just like riding in your carriage? It just doesn’t have the same ring to it.


I wore pink today. I told you before, I wear pink for births!

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Let’s get some shoes.

I had really high hopes of compiling photos of famous tennis shoes from movies. However, it’s very difficult to find those pictures. And if I’m being honest, the only ones I could think of were the ones George Banks makes for Annie in Father of the Bride and the ones that Michael Jordan sends Bugs and Daffy to his house to find.

Which brings me to my next point, if Bugs and Daffy could go back to the real world why couldn’t Michael? He could have brought back some really talented athletes. Let’s get real, those monsters were morons. Charles Barkley really? Come on monsters. Space Jam came out in 1996. Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash were drafted that year. The monstars should have gotten wise. This is really just an excuse for me to discuss how much I dislike Charles Barkley. Scottie Pippen would have been a good choice for the monsters. He looked like one his entire NBA career. My Google searches yielded this….

Google corrected me.

Touche Google.

Sorry for my unnecessary tangent. Sometimes I need to vent about NBA stars turned sports analysts with awful sounding voices.

I thought of another set of famous tennis shoes. Benny’s PF Flyers from The Sandlot. He evades the Beast in those sneaks. He then was chased around town. But in the end they got all their baseballs back. And met a nice blind man.


I need a pair of Sidekicks


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Celebration of the Senses

I have no idea what this holiday is about. I selected it merely because it had the word celebration in the title. I’m a sucker for celebrating what can I say. Let me walk you through my senses for the day.

Sight: I looked at one thousand apartments online today. I’m fairly certain that I found one, which is great. Especially because I would rather hunt mutant dinosaurs than apartments.

Hearing: I listened to country music on the radio today. I decided in the next month I need to soak up my time with my car and with country radio stations. I won’t be taking my sweet delightful car with my to Chicago. Which almost makes me cry. I’m sure I will actually cry when I have to say goodbye to my car. It’s been such a good little car.

Taste: I had a Subway sandwich. It was so good. Turkey. Pepperjack. Lettuce. Pickles. Olives. Cucumbers. Salt and pepper. Creamy italian. I also got an oatmeal raisin cookie. It’s one of my most favorite of all the cookie flavors.

Smell: The smell of laundry surrounds me. It’s a snuggly sort of smell.

Touch: I have been wrapped up in my pink fuzzy blanket all day. It’s so soft and delightful. I got it from my Aunt Barbara when I graduated from high school. I am sort of obsessed with it. She and I have a lot of fun. Particularly whilst attending family gatherings. This is from Christmas.

We are strange.

This is my other Aunt, her name is Becky. She texts me funny things. She could win a pop culture trivia contest. I don’t know a single person that know more Saturday Night Live or Chevy Chase quotes.

She surprised us with a Vick's Vapor patch. She had a cold and she swore this was helping.

And since I’m at it, I might as well show you a picture of my my mom with my Aunts from the late 80s. I’m sure your senses will be pleased. And I’m sure the three of them will not be.

They were very very pro-perms.

Sensory overload. Or hairspray. Or something. There’s an overload of something.

So there’s that. The senses have been celebrated.


I come from a long line of hairspray abusers.

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