How fitting?

Today is day two of our Beard Family Vacation. We headed to Universal Studios. It’s more of a rides based park than Disney World. We rode really cool rides. And since today is Dinosaur Day and International Children’s Day I figured the best way in the world to celebrate would be at an amusement park.

Universal has a Jurassic Park section. We walked in the gates like we were in the movie. The music played, a guy got eaten, some children were stalked in a kitchen, it was all very realistic. Jeff Goldblum made an appearance. Ok so those things aren really true. But it was a great celebration. We ate lunch there. I really kept imaging raptors popping out.

And now for my celebration of International Children’s Day. I turned into a kid today. I got to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I have been dying to go to this park since I heard it was in the works. It was the most accurate well done park I have ever been in. I got chills when I walked into the gates. I bought chocolate frogs. I saw the owl post. I had a butterbeer and a pumpkin juice. I rode the rides.

Walking into Hogwarts was so fun. I almost cried. And I am NOT a crier. I saw Dumbledore’s office. I saw his pensive. I saw the Defense Against the Dark Arts room and then I went on one of the greatest rides I’ve ever been on. It was part virtual part real all awesome. It’s like you are really a wizard. I really felt like I was playing quidditch and I felt like I really got rid of the dementors. It was outstanding. I could not have had more fun.

Well, I say that. But it rained today. A substantial amount. We waited for over an hour for it to stop. It was a torrential downpour of great proportions. My feet were soggy the rest of the day. It wasn’t awesome. Each member of the family had a breakdown moment. O had two. It wasn’t pretty.

Abby and I rode a Mummy (the movie) themed ride. We met a kid named James that turned into a smelly kid. Also, Brendan Fraser makes an appearance. He is as big of an idiot as you recall.

Go theme parks!!


Almost falling asleep.


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  1. Barb Reese

    Thinking of you Kate—and all of the fun you are having in Orlando!!!! We will be there soon!!! I am fearful that I have planned nearly as well as your mom, so I hope that I can get some of your favorite tips….

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