It’s Donut Day here in Disney World. I celebrated as best I could. We went to Hollywood Studios. It was blazing hot today. It is Star Wars weekend. It was Gay Day. That’s a lot of statements. All true by the way. All of those things made for an interesting crew of people meandering around. But I had a lot of fun. Until about 3 p.m. when I hit my wall, left with my dad and sister and took a nap.

But Donut Day was a success. We have had a box of powdered donuts in our room for the past few days. I always try to eat those in one bite and I always struggle. I feel like I’m suffocating. But I always feel the need to attempt the single bite.

I have a friend named Katie Ross. No one on Earth like donuts more than Katie Ross. She is always up for getting donuts in the wee hours of the morn. I like Katie Ross and I miss her.

But today I rode the Aerosmith rollercoaster. It’s indoors and music blares the whole time. It’s awesome. Part of the rollercoaster goes through the center of a neon donut. I yelled “DONUTS” in the middle of the ride. It was the best celebration.

And Chelsie, who loves this blog, sent me cool pictures from her office. They celebrate donut day! The first one is of her friend Neely, she’s an intern too! Chelsie is the other one. I like her cute outfit.




Everyone loves a good celebration. Thanks for letting me blog your face Neely, we should probably meet when I come for a Dallas visit.

And today is Star Wars Day at Disney. Here are some festive pics from my adventure.





Moral of the story, Mace Windu is my most favorite Jedi. He’s bald, he meditates, he dresses like a Hindu. He wields a purple light saber. He’s Mace Windu. Here’s a fun fact, when I was little I thought it was called a light saver.

Here’s another fun fact, my dad has an inability to communicate with taxi drivers of any nationality. He speaks in English, but matches their accent. It’s bad. Really bad

And that’s that.


I know this subject is something of a taboo, but Anakin and Padme got married on Naboo.



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3 responses to “Donuts

  1. Kryn

    I always thought it was light saver too.

  2. I wonder how many times my name or face has graced this blog. #irule

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