A strong constitution.

I love the phrase, “She has a strong constitution.” It makes me think of olden days when women had to kill rattlesnakes with their bare hands and then make a hearty meal out of gruel and a dead rattlesnake. I hope that someday I will have a strong constitution, not in the rattlesnake and gruel type of way, but more along the lines of, “Oh, how does she succeed at so many things? It must be that strong constitution of hers!”

But that really isn’t what today is about. It’s about how America rules. We as a nation have a strong constitution. A paper one. One that I spent $2.95 on at a gift shop in the American themed section of Disney world.

The man that I bought it from was dressed in an outfit that screamed Americana. He was friendly. Strangely friendly. Here is our exchange:

Me: Just this.
Mr. America: Pretty good price huh?
Me: Yeah. It’s not too bad.
Mr. America: I mean, it’s a pretty old document you know.
Me: Ha ha. Yes, you are so right.
Mr. America: If you ever see an old document at this price you should buy it.
Me: Yes. I will keep that in mind…. Bye?

It was very different. I didn’t really know how to handle it. I quickly left. But I did get a cool copy of the constitution. I was pretty jazzed. I like American things. So does Disney World. There was American stuff everywhere. Here are some pics.




Clearly, America is well represented. I love that we have a constitution that gives us rights an defends our freedoms. It’s a document that we as a nation can stand behind. Moral of the story, go America.


We the people or in this case me the person.


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