Roller coasters

Once upon a time, I was a small child and I was terrified of going on roller coasters. But do not worry I conquered my fear. At nerd camp.

Oh I went to nerd camp one time. In high school I was sort of in love with the idea of being a journalist. So one summer I flew to Dallas and went to a journalism camp. I did photography. I ended up winning the photography award for best portfolio. But that’s beside the point. One of the days we went to Six Flags.

I didn’t know many people at nerd camp. So I made friends with some kids from Kansas. They were nice. I decided to hang out with them at six flags. Well we wander about for a while and then we get to Batman.

I was nervous. Good thing so were a few of the Kansas nerds I had met. We all decided to ride together and over come our fears. We did! And then we rode it a million times because there wasn’t a line.

I was so enthused that I had overcome my fear. And now I love to ride cool rides. Like this past week. I rode lots of roller coasters. Like the Hulk at Universal Studios. The Rockin’ Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios. Space Mountain at Epcot. And several others sprinkled throughout the trip. It was a roller coaster adventure. I wish that we had bought the cool pictures at the end of the ride, but there wasn’t really one that was awesome enough for purchasing. So just imagine me making a strangely excited/terrified/happy face and then imagine a stranger also in the picture.

Speaking of strangers I rode roller coasters with, let me tell you about the coolest 7 year old ever. His name was Braden. He knew a girl named Kate in the first grade, she was nice. This was his second time riding this ride today. He also told me his entire name. Braden Mitchell James. I told him my entire name, just to be fair. I love seat buddies and BMJ was a great one.


Rolling and coasting


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  1. Kryn

    Kate, I dont know what to celebrate!

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