My People

It’s Best Friend Day. I have some of those. But I prefer call them my people. Or my person if referencing a specific one of my people. I think best friends are an interesting entity. Some of them change with the seasons of your life. Some of them have been there since you were a kid. I like all of them for very different reasons. They are kind of like a crayon box. With creative names.

Also, on a completely unrelated note. I am blogging for the first time from my iPad that my parents got me for graduation. I’m sort of in love. Mainly because I have a wireless keyboard and it makes typing infinitely easier, but also because it’s just awesome. I like being tech savvy. I will be even more excited when The Cloud comes around and I can share things between devices like magic. And I like magic.

Back to the people. I like them so very much. Mainly because each one functions so differently in my life. Each one makes me laugh for very different reasons. They keep me so sane. I say sane loosely. Since I’ve graduated, I have realized that it is a lot more difficult to talk with your people if you aren’t in the same place. A few of my people are same place people, a few aren’t. It’s just how things work.

For example, if they really are crayons I’ll reference them by crayon names that I give them. Just to protect the innocent you know. So this particular person will henceforth (so official) be known as Electric Lime. Electric Lime and I are face to face quality time people. We laugh because we are really bad about texting each other. We each text others regularly, but we don’t text each other. It’s strange. Next year, when I move far far away, Electric Lime and I will have to have regular Skype dates.

But Purple Mountain’s Majesty and I text all of the time. Purple Mountain’s Majesty got a job and moved away from me. But that’s ok. We will be ok with phone chats and a text life. But I miss her. Good thing I’m going to see her in the morning!

She will hate that I gave her the name Macaroni and Cheese Orange, but I think it’s one of the funniest crayon color names and she can deal. Macaroni and Cheese Orange and I haven’t lived in the same location for the past 4 years. She is my high school crayon, I mean person. But I talk to her almost daily. And we have a text message thread that is guarded like the crown jewels. One of the main reasons I have a password on my phone is because of that thread. I’ve been offered bribes in order to get the thread. There’s nothing in there that is that incriminating, or incriminating at all, but it just doesn’t need to be read by the masses. Or anyone other than Macaroni and Cheese Orange and myself.

Razmatazz and I have known each other for a long long time. We went to kamp (not a typo) together since we were 10 or 11. She makes me laugh. We can go long periods of time without seeing each other and we are still the same. Kamp does that to you. You have a strange bond that transcends time and space and exists in a whole different universe. She is constant, always a crayon in my box. She has the prettiest blonde hair in all of the land and I just adore her.

Atomic Tangerine is one of those friends that sparkles at all times. She has the ability to wear cool headbands. She can dance like it’s her job. She will talk in an accent with me (which is much more often than you probably realize). I love love love her. She is the funnest.

Sunglow. I like Sunglow. I smile the most with Sunglow. I am the giggliest with Sunglow.

Those are my people. Not all of them by any means. I didn’t even mention Wild Watermelon or Manatee. But I love them both lots and lots too.


Thanks for giving me so many colors to color with.

PS: Cornflower Blue was THE worst crayon in the box.

PPS: It’s called a cray-on not a crown. Get with the program.

PPPS: I am abandoning my public relations job search and becoming a crayon namer at Crayola.

PPPPS: I hope my friends are ok with being crayons. I picked pretty colors. Except for Manatee, that is just a grey color. But the name was too funny not to include.



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3 responses to “My People

  1. cornflower blue

    please tell me i’m right about who manatee is.

    and cornflower blue was actually my favorite color in the box of 96 crayons. sue me.

  2. Wild Watermelon

    the wildest of all melons.

  3. Charlene

    You are like a daffodil yellow when the world is all winter sky grey.

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