It’s Iced Tea Day. It’s a most tasty of beverages. But I prefer my iced tea in the sweetened variety. Or the peach variety. I am currently in Dallas, hanging out with Purple Mountain’s Majesty. Fun fact: her internet is called FancyEagle. It made me laugh.

Anyway, I drove to Dallas from Norman today. On my way out of town I swung by Sonic and got a large iced tea to celebrate. It was a necessary and delicious. I love Sonic. I will miss Sonic so very much next year.

But as I was drinking my steeped beverage, I started pondering Ice-T. Not quite a beverage. In fact, not a beverage at all. But he is a really great former rapper and a badass cop on Law and Order: SVU. I have watched a lot of SVU. I greatly enjoy it. I have a knack for spotting SVU extras (and 24 extras) in other TV shows. But Ice-T plays Detective Odafin ‘Fin’ Tutuola. He’s the man. Well Elliot is the man, but Fin is totally the second man.

He also has a show with his crazy wife CoCo. I happened to watch it the other night. They sort of reminded me of Brigit Nielson and Flavor Flav but in a much less terrifying way.

It would be sort of ironic if Ice-T was drinking iced tea. It would sort of be like seeing a knight at night. Alanis really should have looked up the definition of ironic before she wrote her song. These are way better ideas than ‘a free ride when you’ve already paid’. That’s less ironic and more of a general annoyance.

But now I must leave you. Purple Mountain’s Majesty and I are going to meet some friends that live in Dallas now too!

I tried to Google a picture of Ice-T and iced tea together, but he clearly avoids the cameras whilst hydrating. But I did find a few pictures of his face on fountain drinks and in various coke machines. Which is equally as funny as him drinking iced tea.


10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife. Alanis is so so wise.


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