Hug Holiday Day

My favorite part of this holiday is that the word holiday is included in the title. I hugged several people today and yesterday. I’m visiting Chelsie, I mean Purple Mountain’s Majesty and I hugged her when I saw her. It had been weeks since I’ve seen her and she got a really great hug.

And today her best friend from high school and her boyfriend came for a visit and I hugged both of them! Audrey and Ty are fun. The four of us lunched and shopped at antique stores near to us. I bought a really cool coffee tin that was only 5 doll hairs. I found a set of four Pyrex bowls from the 70s. They were the greatest color of pink and in such great condition and 150 doll hairs and that was too many doll hairs.

But I wanted them. If any of you are looking to get rid of your Pyrex bowls, you let me know. I know this is short, but I’m off to see some friends. I love you dearly and I would individually hug all of you if given the opportunity. Unless you are ultra creepy and smelly. Which I doubt any of you are, but you could be.


I bought the prettiest red dress today.



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2 responses to “Hug Holiday Day

  1. Will

    Great reference to doll hairs.

  2. Arntr Jetzt kostenlos Lotto spielen!

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