There are two holidays today. Magic Day and Red Rose Day. I love magic. I don’t love roses. Here are some things that were magic about my day. I laid by a pool for several hours. It was blissful. I am slightly sunburned now, which is not so magical. Magic celebration part two, I went to target and bought delightful new sandals. I love them and I think they love me.

Chelsie lives in Deep Ellum. It’s about 5 seconds from downtown. Scattered throughout the area are these huge silver friendly looking robots. One plays the guitar, one holds a bird. They are insanely cute. One of them looks like it’s walking and when you drive by you sort of feel like he’s just going to follow you. Which is insane because it’s a very fake huge silver friendly looking robot, but you still think it might follow you. That’s what Toy Story did to my generation.

Speaking of, after I saw Toy Story as a kid I used to close the door of my bedroom and open it really fast thinking that my toys would be moving about. But my Beanie Babies got wise and waited till I was at school before they unfroze themselves. Toy Story was quite magical. I wanted and by wanted I really mean want it to be real so bad. But I don’t think that my Beanie Babies, Barbies and Pound Puppies would have been as witty or adventurous as Woody or Buzz.

Did you ever wonder how Woody’s legs worked as well as they did? They seemed less than useful, but he was speedy. Magic.

Now for the roses. I don’t like them. I mean I like that they are pretty, but I don’t want a vase full of them. And here is the reason: you don’t have to try to send someone roses. There is minimal thinking involved. It wouldn’t be the hardest thing in the world to send someone flowers of an interesting variety. Peonies are delightful. Ranunculuses are lovely. Daisies would do. (“I love dasies. I know you told me.” Name that movie!)

The point is just try a little. Just once flake harder than roses. Roses are boring.


I wish things were measured in flakes.

PS: I selected Red Rose Day only because I have strong issues with roses. I didn’t really have any intention of purchasing a red rose or gifting one, just venting about them.


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