Happy Birthday to the Queen

She is a delightful nugget.

Well, it’s the Queen’s birthday. Actually, it’s just the day that they celebrate the Queen’s birthday. Her real birthday is in April. I’m not entirely sure why you get to decide to celebrate your birthday at another time, but she’s the queen. I guess I won’t argue. She has so much power and what not she could probably smite me.

But here are some pictures that remind me of the Queen.

This is her house!

This is what I got the Queen for her birthday. It's from Harrod's.

This is me dressed up as someone from Elizabeth the First's day and age.

At this point I am sweating an insane amount.

But I sure do look like a pretty pretty princess. Right? Right. I am leaving in a few minutes to head to Chicago for some job inquiries. Plus, I get to spend some really delightful time with a really delightful human.

But in honor of the Queen’s birthday I got a really great sunburn and ate some Thai food. It’s her favorite variety of foods, or so I’ve heard. And she loves to lounge by the pool. I wish I had a fancy hat to wear. But I don’t think I’m cool enough to wear interesting hats. The Queen really loves hats and she is clearly cool enough to pull them off.

I’m off for another jet setting experience.


Happy Birthday Liz.


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One response to “Happy Birthday to the Queen

  1. Sister Abby

    I’m so proud of your usage of the word ‘human’!!!

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