Tuesday night awesomeness.

I have things to tell you about the holidays today and my adventures in Chicago, but I’m listening to K Ci and Jojo currently and I just can’t break away.


All my life.

Here’s the update for the holiday yesterday. I’m in Chicago starting to love this city that I am hopefully moving to. Yesterday was so fun. I went to the top of the Hancock Tower and had a glass of wine and got to look out over Lake Michigan. It was beautiful. It made me think of Ferris Bueller, as do most things in my life, except Ferris was at the top of the Sears Tower. But I like the Hancock more. Then I went to a Cubs game.

Now, I will be the first to tell you that I don’t like baseball. It’s just not the most amazing thing in the world. However, Wrigley Field is awesome. We ate German food before the game and let me tell you sauerkraut is one of my favorite things. Every place that the guy would not eat green eggs and ham, I would eat sauerkraut there. I feel like I did the most Chicago-y things. It was amazingly fun.

I just figured you wanted to know what I was up to. Or maybe you didn’t. Maybe you are here for strictly celebrations and if that is the case I am sorry. You are going to have to deal with the stories.

And now the celebrations. Bloodtype Awareness Day and Pig Callers Day. I selected Bloodtype Awareness Day because two weeks ago I told you I wanted to know mine. Well, I still don’t. Sean doesn’t know his either. Apparently not knowing your bloodtype is running rampant in our society. I’m organizing a 5k awareness run for bloodtypes. It’s going to be awesome. But I do want to give blood and I do want to know my bloodtype. But I’ve sort of been living out of a suitcase for one entire month. And by sort of, I mean that I have actually been living out of a suitcase since May 18th or 19th. I haven’t really had a chance to go give blood somewhere. Once I get settled I’m going to drain my veins of blood or I’ll just give the appropriate amount. Draining seems excessive.

Pig Callers Day was selected because one of my most favorite people in all the land goes to the University of Arkansas. The are the Razorbacks. They call the hogs. So in turn, Alex is a pig caller. I called her about a week ago and told her I was going to need to hear her calling the hogs. She didn’t want to do it alone. So she sent me a YouTube instead. But I need you to know that I have not and will not ever call the hogs. Ever. It goes against every fiber in my being and morally it just doesn’t feel right. Here is Alex’s YouTube gift to us.

Well she is just about the cutest thing in the world. That’s how you become a professional pig caller. I’m not encouraging that behavior or telling your children to partake is such worldly events, but just in case you need to know for a Jeopardy question or something. I’m just looking out for you.


Movies that start with the word ‘Jaws’.


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