Stuf with one F

It’s Oreo Day. Which should really be, The Greatest Store Bought Cookie of All Time Day. Oreos are delightful. I’ve never met someone that is against Oreos. If you are one of those people we probably shouldn’t meet. But let’s get real, double stuf is so much better than the regular variety.

And here’s the thing, what PR yahoo at the Oreo company thought changing stuffed to stuf was a good move? Was he just unprepared for the branding meeting? And stuf was all he could come up with? I just can’t imagine how he convinced everyone that stuf was the way to go. Props to him for being that persuasive.

On this Oreo day, I couldn’t get my hands on Oreos. I could get my hands on brownies. So I made those and ate them with some friends.

And them my sister and her best friend sent me these!!



They love the blog. And Oreos. And me. I think. So there’s that.

One time my roommate Jordan and I bought mint chocolate Oreos. We didn’t plan on being addicted to them. However, we ate the entire double stuf bag in 24 hours. Don’t you dare judge until you have tried them.

I feel like everyone eats Oreos differently. For example, I twist them apart, eat the side without any cream and then lick the cream off the other side. However, my dad likes to deconstruct two cookies and put the cream sides together for what he likes to call ‘fourple stuf’.


Happy Fourple I mean Father’s Day


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  1. Sister Abby

    we are ready for the brawl, bring it blog lover.

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