The Video is Leaked.

I love coke floats so I was thrilled when today was Ice Cream Float Day. If you don’t live in this part of the country you might not be familiar with Braum’s. I take pity on your soul. Braum’s is the greatest. They have my favorite fast food burger. Second fast food burger: plain double cheeseburger from McDonald’s. Don’t judge me. Braum’s also has my favorite ice cream and coke related treat. Instead of ice cream floating in coke, as a coke float would suggest, Braum’s blends it all together like a shake. They call it a coke freeze. I’ve been getting them since I was small. My mom showed them to me.  So, right there in the contents of that cup is a coke freeze. A worthy celebration for Coke Float Day.

That's my hand holding that delicious beverage. I'm training to be a hand model.

In other news, it’s Toad Hollow Day of Thanks. If you recall, we celebrated Toad Hollow Day of Encouragement back on January 26th. I don’t know why this is a holiday. I’m baffled. Thanks for the encouragement in January? I just don’t get it. So do with this what you will.

I promised you the video of me sleeping on plane as soon as I received it. And I have received it. It isn’t very long and my hair looks really really weird. I hope you enjoy it. Apparently I did this for 90 minutes.

Glad you laughed.

And on an unrelated note, Oklahoma is miserably hot. Way hotter than usual for June. It just so happens that my air conditioner has decided to work about as hard as a fat kid at a vegetable eating contest. I’m hot and not in an attractive way. It’s very muggy I wish I lived in an igloo.


PTN is real.



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2 responses to “The Video is Leaked.

  1. Kryn

    that is too funny.

  2. chelsie

    im so glad a stranger taped you sleeping

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