Write Down the Date

This is perhaps the best holiday of all. I have really exciting news, but first the holiday. Dr Pepper is my most favorite of all carbonated beverages. Here is what I drank today.


What you are looking at is a large Dr Pepper from Sonic, the most delicious beverage place in all the land.

I like that the doctor doesn’t have a period after it. It keeps it interesting. I have always loved Dr Pepper more than other pops. In fact let me tell you a tale. Once upon a time, when I was a third-fifth grader I had several close friends. Emily and Sigrid and I believe the other to cohorts were Taylor and Thomas. They are all 4 still friends of mine. I went to college with some of them.

Anyway, when we were in grade school they used to give me THE hardest time because I liked Dr Pepper and they liked Coke. They would tell me Dr Pepper was lame and that I should really start liking Coke in order to be cool. I knew better and didn’t listen to that noise. We have talked about it since then (we were all close friends in high school as well) and no one could understand why they ostracized me with my superior beverage tastes.

I’m sure it helped to shape me into a better person. A person that can stand up for what they believe in, or something like that.

But today I was all excited to get a Dr Pepper icee. The gas station I go to has DP icees. I usually get one on my way out of town. I went today and the only flavor that wasn’t working was Dr Pepper. I was devastated. I awkwardly left with nothing and headed to Sonic.

A few months ago I even visited the Dr Pepper museum in Waco. I got a DP poured from the fountain and it was perfect. If you love Dr Pepper you must visit. I still keep a sticker on my wallet from the museum.

And now this is the reason you should write this date down, I got a job. A real live paying job. At a really wonderful digital media company in Chicago. I’ll be moving there by the end of July. I am so incredibly happy. Thank you for putting up with my job related venting.

So in honor of getting a job/paying internship I made a delightful dinner. Beef stir fry with peanut sauce. It was a happy little day. I’ll be back in the city to find an apartment soon and then move my life there. I am beside myself with joy. I love that city and all the things within it.



And these are from my dad and my sister. They love Dr Pepper too!






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4 responses to “Write Down the Date

  1. chicago.

    hey darlin’. heard the news. get here soon. can’t wait to spend every day with you.

  2. thomastte

    Congrats to you!

  3. Charlene

    As if I didn’t already love Chicago enough. Now it’s going to be even better! Way to go, Kate!

  4. chelsie

    i didn’t imagine the city of Chicago with a twang-y sort of speak. “Darlin’?”

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