I declare!

It’s Chocolate Eclair Day. Here’s a fun story. When I was a kid I used to think they were called chocolate declares. I’m not really sure how long it took me to figure out that it wasn’t called a declare. I do know it was way way past when I should have known.

I wasn’t entirely sure where to find an eclair but I did know where to find a chocolate long john. Which is basically exactly the same thing. So I went to the best donut place in Norman and the only one the was open at 8 p.m., because seriously who eats donuts at 8:00 p.m.?

I also happened to get a dozen donut holes. Six regular variety and six blueberry cake donuts. They were tasty as can be. And the chocolate long john was also delightful. I took these pictures on the iPad I don’t know how great of quality the pictures are, the iPad camera isn’t so fantastic. I mean the device itself is wonderful, but the camera is the weakest part.

It’s sort of like that one character flaw in a person. “Oh, I like Susan. But that pirate accent of hers has got to go.” or “Daniel is swell, but he has got to stop pretending to be a Rastafarian.” the iPad camera is sort of like that. Anyway, here are the pics!



And now my job search has transitioned into apartment search. To be honest, a much more stressful search. I don’t have a well designed resume to fall back on. But if you live in Chicago and you know of an apartment that needs living in then let me know!! I would love to help that apartment feel useful.


House Hunter: slightly less deadly than a head hunter.

PS: According to the comments yesterday, the city of Chicago is reading this blog and Chicago sounds very nice.


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