On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

It’s Pink Day. I love pink. I am wearing a pink shirt right this very second. Let me tell you about Kate circa 1994ish. I was all over pink. I was obsessed. My bedroom  was pink. My clothes were pink. My Barbies were pink. My life was pink. Purple was for freaks. I feel that the only way to properly convey my love of pink is to show you via photo montage. And go….

Pink is for babies being born.

If a baby is being born in my family I wear pink. This is my sister Abby post-birth. I’m in pink. The date is off. Her birthday is the 14th or at least that’s what we’ve been telling her for the past almost 17 years. My dad did not believe in sideburns at all.

Pink is for Halloween.

I was usually a princess/fairy/ballerina situation for Halloween. I was also usually clad in a nice shade of pink. Clearly I was pleased with this years choice. That’s my grandmother’s house if you were wondering. This may have been the year she dressed up as Dolly Parton.

Pink is for napping.

This is my curious cousin Jack. He graduated high school this year. He was clearly interrupting what I’m sure was a delightful nap. I have no idea where we are in this picture. I’ve never seen that couch before.

Pink is for side ponies.

That was my favorite bow. I had enough to have favorites. For what ever reason I went on a decided posing rant around my other grandmother’s house. I wish 5-year-old Kate could tell 18-year-old Kate not to cut all of her hair off freshman year of college or junior year of high school or junior year of college. I just wish I had been warned, ok!

Pink is for super model poses.

Where I got that hat I’ll never know, but if this doesn’t scream Vogue I don’t know what does. Stair lounging was so fashion forward. I think the pink really tied together the awkward placement of my feet.

Pink is still for Halloween.

Notice the same favorite bow and the fact that I am wearing socks with my ballet slippers. My mom was always trying to ruin my princess/ballerina costumes by making me wear a turtle neck. It totally cramped my style. I’m also baffled as to what would be kept in that box on the fireplace. And I just noticed, that picture frame above the fire-place is currently in my apartment sans the painting that was in it.

Pink is for the greatest picture I've ever taken.

This is my favorite picture of myself as a child. The dress I’m wearing came with my ‘My Size Barbie’. I’m also still wearing socks. I still had beautiful long hair. I really like that I stuck my thumbs in my armpits in order to look more awesome. Give me a break, Abby was three days old and I was looking for some attention. This still pretty much sums up my day to day behavior.

As you can see, I have sufficiently proved my point. When I said I loved pink I meant it.


The Prettiest in Pink



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5 responses to “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

  1. Sister Abby

    don’t joke about my birthday.. you know I have adoption fear.

  2. abby's mexican family

    is that because you look mexican?

  3. chelsie

    wait so why is the date different? check that out.
    also i can’t believe you didn’t mention how we were brand reps for PINK and worked on projects all year for PINK and went to victoria’s secret headquarters in Ohio and got free stuff.

  4. Sam

    Hey I gave you the Versatile Blogger award! I love your blog and your posts everyday cheer me up; to know that someone is celebrating each day is fantastic! Keep up the good work!

  5. Father Beard

    Might be the first record of your upright narcoleptic head-bobbing malady. Jack’s curiosity is shared by all who witness this behavior…

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