Celebration of the Senses

I have no idea what this holiday is about. I selected it merely because it had the word celebration in the title. I’m a sucker for celebrating what can I say. Let me walk you through my senses for the day.

Sight: I looked at one thousand apartments online today. I’m fairly certain that I found one, which is great. Especially because I would rather hunt mutant dinosaurs than apartments.

Hearing: I listened to country music on the radio today. I decided in the next month I need to soak up my time with my car and with country radio stations. I won’t be taking my sweet delightful car with my to Chicago. Which almost makes me cry. I’m sure I will actually cry when I have to say goodbye to my car. It’s been such a good little car.

Taste: I had a Subway sandwich. It was so good. Turkey. Pepperjack. Lettuce. Pickles. Olives. Cucumbers. Salt and pepper. Creamy italian. I also got an oatmeal raisin cookie. It’s one of my most favorite of all the cookie flavors.

Smell: The smell of laundry surrounds me. It’s a snuggly sort of smell.

Touch: I have been wrapped up in my pink fuzzy blanket all day. It’s so soft and delightful. I got it from my Aunt Barbara when I graduated from high school. I am sort of obsessed with it. She and I have a lot of fun. Particularly whilst attending family gatherings. This is from Christmas.

We are strange.

This is my other Aunt, her name is Becky. She texts me funny things. She could win a pop culture trivia contest. I don’t know a single person that know more Saturday Night Live or Chevy Chase quotes.

She surprised us with a Vick's Vapor patch. She had a cold and she swore this was helping.

And since I’m at it, I might as well show you a picture of my my mom with my Aunts from the late 80s. I’m sure your senses will be pleased. And I’m sure the three of them will not be.

They were very very pro-perms.

Sensory overload. Or hairspray. Or something. There’s an overload of something.

So there’s that. The senses have been celebrated.


I come from a long line of hairspray abusers.


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