Let’s get some shoes.

I had really high hopes of compiling photos of famous tennis shoes from movies. However, it’s very difficult to find those pictures. And if I’m being honest, the only ones I could think of were the ones George Banks makes for Annie in Father of the Bride and the ones that Michael Jordan sends Bugs and Daffy to his house to find.

Which brings me to my next point, if Bugs and Daffy could go back to the real world why couldn’t Michael? He could have brought back some really talented athletes. Let’s get real, those monsters were morons. Charles Barkley really? Come on monsters. Space Jam came out in 1996. Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash were drafted that year. The monstars should have gotten wise. This is really just an excuse for me to discuss how much I dislike Charles Barkley. Scottie Pippen would have been a good choice for the monsters. He looked like one his entire NBA career. My Google searches yielded this….

Google corrected me.

Touche Google.

Sorry for my unnecessary tangent. Sometimes I need to vent about NBA stars turned sports analysts with awful sounding voices.

I thought of another set of famous tennis shoes. Benny’s PF Flyers from The Sandlot. He evades the Beast in those sneaks. He then was chased around town. But in the end they got all their baseballs back. And met a nice blind man.


I need a pair of Sidekicks



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2 responses to “Let’s get some shoes.

  1. george banks

    The sidekicks come with a serving of the chipper chicken.

  2. Mom

    Don’t forget Tom Hanks in “The Man With One Red Shoe”

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