I Forgot Day

It really is I Forgot Day. I was researching holidays for today and happened across that as an option. Let me tell you about the things I forgot today. Let me also tell you that while I was researching I found a list of celebrity birthdays. I don’t know why I like celebrity birthdays but I do. They make me laugh sort of. In a “I guess they have birthdays too” sort of way.

List of things I forgot about (and then remembered) on July 2nd:

1. I forgot how miserable packing and moving is. Especially when it is 1,000,000 degrees outside.

2. I forgot how miserable unloading said packed things is. Especially when it is 1,000,001 degrees outside.

3. I forgot about my collections of hilarious costume things in my closet. Including, but not limited to, a mesh crop top that says Sea World in rainbow lettering, a sweater that says Yacht Club on the sleeves, a windbreaker jacket from 1994 and a Michael Jackson style blue jacket with a leather collar, all of which I purchased at Goodwill.

4. That it was Michelle Branch’s birthday.

5. That the Michelle Branch album (that I found under my bed) called The Spirit Room was the first CD I bought with my own dollars.

Cleaning out your entire life and packing it reintroduces you with things that you stuck in the back of drawers. Under my bed was almost every CD I ever owned. (Maroon 5 still rules and I had a strange amount of U2 albums.)

I found letters I wrote to myself as a senior in high school. Moral of that story, I was an idiot. But it was good to go through things. It was fun to see the nonsense that at one point in my life I felt was completely necessary to my existence. I’m talking about you old wallets.

So now I’m home. For one month. On the horizon for July: New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys, THE 4TH OF JULY, stalking the city of Chicago from 800+ miles away, locating an interesting coffee table, learning New Kids on the Block songs before I go to the concert, eating at my favorite Oklahoma places, storing up the 100 degree weather to use next February, laying out some concrete plans in my quest to befriend Rick Bayless, thinking of an appropriate way to celebrate Nude Day on July 14th that doesn’t involve me or anyone else being traumatized and thinking of a new year long adventure for next year (I have some ideas).


Things I didn’t forget: the lyrics to every song on The Spirit Room


I wasn't messing around.



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2 responses to “I Forgot Day

  1. Sister Abby

    happy naked birthday to me.

  2. Charlene

    This is one of your best, Kate. Well done!

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