It seems fitting.

It seems fitting that the three holidays in a row have been American Redneck Day, 4th of July and now Bikini Day. It just seems like a normal progression of days.

The pool that we go to here in town is closed on Mondays. However, it was open for the 4th so it was closed today. In turn, really cramping my style on Bikini Day. But I assure you I donned a bikini yesterday. I lounged in the sun for a few hours wearing said bikini. There are no pictures to document this, because well I’m not going to photograph myself in a bikini. It would really put the quality of this blog in jeopardy.

I have every intention of swim suiting up tomorrow and basking in the sun. But today it just didn’t happen. I do have a story for you. I am almost positive that I’ve told you before. Maybe on Humiliation Day? But it is worth revisiting. For your sake, not mine.

We have family friends. Friends that we laugh with a lot. Well, at one time I was too young to attend dinners when our families ate together. So my parents, their friends and their two sons (who I thought were the coolest humans on Earth) were eating dinner, sans me.

Well it came up what my mom looked like when my parents started dating. And my father being the kind hilarious father that he is says the following, “Just imagine Kate in a purple bikini.” The responses varied from “Ok” to “Are you sure?”

Finding out about this story was one of those moments I will never forget. I wanted to disown my father. If you recall, I thought that a few of the people hearing this story were the coolest humans on Earth and having the coolest humans on Earth hear this story was NOT on my list of things to happen to me in the 8th grade. Bikinis were embarrassing.

This story continues to come up. I still laugh. We all still laugh actually. And I still think they are the coolest people on Earth, for the most part.




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