It’s Postcard Day. I think postcards are very interesting. Whatever you write is just out there for everyone to read. Well, I went to Walmart today and bought two very Oklahoma themed postcards.

I saw of field of these today.

I didn't ride one of these to school, unfortunately.

These were the best that Walmart had to offer. I purchased them both for under a dollar! What a steal! Anyway, I wrote both of these postcards to friends of mine. One address I knew by memory and one address I had texted to me in the last few days. I think both recipients will be quite pleased. Or maybe not. But I hope they like them.

Postcard Day reminded me of something I found on StumbleUpon, which by the way is the largest timesuck known to man.

Greatest idea ever.

I want to do this.

I need to find someone to be my recipient. I think this would be such a great project. Maybe that will by my project next year? Happy Postcard Day!


Always looking for a new project.

PS: Speaking of, please leave your suggestions for my next project adventure!



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2 responses to “Postcards

  1. Kryn

    That is a really neat idea.

  2. My grandmother was born in Oklahoma in 1907, when it was still Indian Territory. She rode a horse to school! Apparently the horse’s name was Sloppy. I’m not kidding.

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