Watermelon Thursday

Sundae. I don’t know what that word means. I guess it means whipped cream, bananas, ice cream and various toppings. So, today it’s Strawberry Sundae Dae (see what I did there?). To start this celebration off, you need to be informed that my sister Abby works at a frozen yogurt place. It’s called CherryBerry. It’s quite tasty. I was all excited to go there tonight and craft a strawberry sundae.

I walk in all enthused to make my concoction. And to my extreme dismay, CherryBerry doesn’t have whipped cream. Or bananas. Two key ingredients for sundae making. I was going to just make do with the vanilla ice cream and strawberries. But then I saw the watermelon flavor and I just HAD to get it. So I made a very amended strawberry sundae. A sundae that consisted of watermelon ice cream, kiwis, strawberries and cheesecake bites!! The cheesecake bites really made it! It was a delightful Watermelon Thursday, that’s what I called my concoction.

I tastes way more awesome than it looks.

It was a good day. I am organizing boxes for my move. And I had my first dream about living in Chicago last night. I couldn’t find my way to my office. Which I know is an unreasonable, because I know how to get there. But that doesn’t negate the fact that my dream was spooky and bothery.


Professional iPhone Photographer

PS: This is an update, I completely forget to tell you. Yesterday, I made a joke how I didn’t ride horses to school etc. etc. I’m sitting at dinner tonight with my parents and a man on a horse saunters by. I just laughed. Oklahoma rules.


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