Kevin. Bacon.

Am I obsessed with Kevin Bacon? I don’t know obsessed is a strong word.

That alone is celebration enough. But wait there’s more!!

I do really really love Kevin Bacon. Footloose is just a gem of a movie. Teaching a small town about The Who and The Police and teaching them to express themselves through the art of dance, he is starting a revolution.

I will have to say my favorite part of the warehouse dance scene is when he slams the glove compartment shut. He’s so angsty. I would be too if the man was trying to keep me from dancing. And when he flies by on that chain, I always wonder how he gets down.

In response to that amazing commercial, it completely solidifies why Kevin Bacon deserves his own day. In all honesty, it’s actually just his birthday. I figured that was reason enough to celebrate him. I love that he is dressed up as that guy. It makes me appreciate how hilarious he is. I want to hang out with him.

And his name is bacon. Everyone likes bacon. Even vegetarians try to make vegetables look and taste like bacon. One of my favorite comedians, Jim Gaffigan, discusses why Kevin Bacon’s success is due in large part to the fact that his name is Bacon. I think that’s a fair argument. No one would go see a Kevin Hotdog movie.

Alex is here. And we are celebrating Kevin Bacon by having large glasses of wine in bed. That’s where we do our best chatting. It’s been like that for years. Actually, if we talk on the phone while we are at our respective homes, we are usually chatting whilst snuggled in our beds.

Tonight I went out to a friend’s house she is a blogger too. She is actually a super de duper famous blogger. You can look at her blog here! Pioneer Woman She is a family friend. She has some of her high school friends out for the weekend and we went for a visit. They happened to play a game and one of the prizes was Footloose!! I was so proud of her celebration of Kevin Bacon Day.

This is Shane. She won a Footloose and Flashdance movie set. She went to high school with my aunt.

Now, I know that today is widely celebrated as Cow Appreciation Day and the Chick Fil A is celebrating today. But I am celebrating on the 15th. There were like 45 options for dates to celebrate Cow Appreciation Day and I apparently picked the wrong one. Or did I? Kevin Bacon Day seems like a really great alternative. So there’s that.


His best movie is probably a tie between all of them.

PS: This is my friend Brett. This is our best Kevin Bacon face. If you are confused about the picture that means you didn’t watch the videos that I posted.

Kevin Bacon at Christmas time is the best.



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2 responses to “Kevin. Bacon.

  1. Kryn

    My mom got jipped. she should have been there.

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