Remember Chocolate Cake Day? When it was the most heinous cake creation you’ve ever laid eyes on? I do. I was the creator of the disaster. Remember when I forgot how to make pancakes? I do. But today, yes today, I redeemed my baking disasters with Sugar Cookie Day. I didn’t actually bake the cookies. Abby bought the cookies. But it was my perfect delicious icing that redeemed this blog.

I also happened to have pink food coloring and my cookies turned out to have the most beautiful pink icing. I was so incredibly pleased.

It started with this.

And this happened.

Prettiest thing I've ever seen.

And then I made lots!

And then I ate one!!

I took that picture with my iPhone. It was impressed with its clarity and how nice my nails look. Thanks iPhone! I am still so proud of my iciing. I bragged to my mom. She agreed.

It’s also Intern Appreciation Day. I know one of those. Here name is Chelsie and I like her very much. She has an internship with Weber Shandwick in Dallas. It’s a big deal. She’s a big deal.

Notice all her neck gear. She's a genius.

I appreciate her very very much. She’s my favorite of all the interns in all the land.


Night night Mrs. George!

PS: My discovery of the day: Jason Bateman is in Starsky and Hutch. Also, I know the ENTIRE Starsky and Hutch soundtrack.



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2 responses to “Redemption!

  1. Father Beard

    Neck gear is the letter jacket for smart kids…

  2. Anne George

    Night Night Kate!!! You totally made my day!!!

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