It’s all in the name.

They call it a convenience store, not a you are going to hate being in here store. How could I not celebrate? So Happy Convenience Store Day!!!

I made a trip to my favorite convenience store in Bartlesville. It’s by the entrance to my neighborhood. Naturally, I got my favorite snack combination of all time. Diet Dr Pepper and Combos, the one with the blue wrapper (not the green, that crap is jalapeño flavored).

I got my snack and I headed to the football field. Tom Beard had football camp and my mom and I went to watch. It was great. Crazy sports parents are my favorite variety of parents. They are insane and they yell ridiculous things. They treat their kids like they play in the NFL. It makes me laugh and cringe, but mainly laugh.

I know it’s a short situation tonight. I’m sorry. Convenient stores aren’t that exciting. Unless you were with my mom and me once on I-44 going to Norman. It was a convention for the insane. I saw a lady in cloud pajamas. I saw a lot of animal t-shirts. Lots of wolves. Lots of eagles.

And the most curious of all the situations there, and let me tell you there were a lot, had to be the piles of boxes. It was one of those gas stations with gifts. Beautiful gifts. Like eagles snatching an American flag. Or a wolf rescuing a baby from a river. Both of which are in statue form. So these boxes were full of more gifts. However, when we looked around, they didn’t seem to be missing a lot of gifts on the shelf. I’m not really an expert on gas station statue turn around, but they didn’t seem to need more beautiful statues.


Not a statue expert.


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