Horrible Bosses

Update coming soon. I celebrated well. In fact so well that I almost forgot to blog. I’ll be at my computer in a sec and you will get the details.



First of all, I wrote an entire update on my iPhone, risking arthritis, and my WordPress app went and crashed. NOT COOL. It was hilarious. The best blog I’ve ever written. Ever of all time. I’ll try and recreate the hilarity that ensued.

I’m in Norman. I came to get my boxes that I couldn’t fit the last time I was here. They are full of all the really important things I think I’m going to need in Chicago. My tiny apartment isn’t going to know what to do with its self.

Right when I got here I decided that I should pack my car so that I wouldn’t have to deal with it tomorrow. It fit like a dream. Then I decided to go to Target and buy the other half of my coffee table. I bought two end tables and I’m making it into one coffee table. It’s very cool. Just imagine two of these!


The lost blog didn’t have pictures…. I guess this one is an improvement.

Anyway, I spent my day eating with Katie and Jordan. And then Jordan and I went to a movie and I got all distracted with how gruntled (I mean I went to Fuzzy’s how could I not be gruntled?) I was with my day that blogging was pushed out of my brain due to sheer joy.

And that brings me to my celebration. It’s Gruntled Workers Day. Gruntled means pleased, content, happy blah blah blah. Basically the opposite of disgruntled, imagine that? Well I met a seemingly gruntled worker today. She was working at the gas station I stopped at to buy Combos and a Diet Dr Pepper (at this point both of them should be sponsoring me). Yes this was the same gas station I saw cloud pajamas lady at. She was just so pleased to be scanning my snacks. I liked her. She didn’t have to be super nice, but she was.

Jordan and I went to see the movie Horrible Bosses. They are all very very DISgruntled. It was amazingly hilarious. I laughed loudly. I’m a loud movie laugher. And a fairly inappropriate laugher. I laugh at things others don’t really laugh at. It’s a problem.

I really feel like the word gruntled should have the definition of the word disgruntled and disgruntled shouldn’t exist. Gruntled just sounds angry enough as it is. It shouldn’t really mean happy things.


An inappropriate laugher.

PS: I swear that the ESPYs stacked the Best Male Athlete Award nominee deck just so stupid Dirk could win. Jimmie Johnson? A nominee? He’s not even an athlete!!!

PPS: I am obsessed with the ESPYs.

PPPS: Serge Ibaka, you know I will totally be your date next year.


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  1. I too am a loud and inappropriate laugher. It makes Adam embarrassed sometimes because I get so tickled I can’t stop. I was the only one in the theater laughing (loudly) during the opening scene of Nacho Libre when he tastes the beans and then spits them. Adam wanted to crawl under his seat. I don’t think it’s a my problem as much as it is everyone else’s lack of confidence. They’re just too insecure to laugh out loud when something is hilarious. So, laugh away, dear Kate, laugh away.

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