I’m very pro-cows.

It’s Cow Appreciation Day. I am quite aware that Chick Fil A celebrated last week. But I am not Chick Fil A so I celebrated today. Actually I celebrated yesterday in preparation for today.

As you know I live in Bartlesville, for the next two weeks at least. The bustling metropolis of Bville doesn’t have a Chick Fil A. But since I was in Norman yesterday I got my appreciation on. I had some nuggets and fries and a Diet Dr Pepper. It was one of those times that your drink tastes so so much better than usual.

When I go to Chick Fil A I always get Chick Fil A Sauce to dip my nuggs in. However, for whatever reason I requested honey mustard. I was so disappointed when I was driving away. I couldn’t believe I had forgotten the most delicious sauce of all time. It was tragic, but at least I celebrated the cows.


I don’t appreciate chickens. I eat chickens.


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