Hotdog Day

It’s Hotdog Day. I like hotdogs. I think they are delicious, because they are. So today, I looked in our refrigerator and we had hotdogs. I popped one in the microwave only to find that we didn’t have buns. A sad situation for my hotdog. I cut it up and ate it and felt like a 7 year old. It was delicious.

Sonic recently added hotdogs to their menus. They are delicious. There are various kinds following sort of an American theme of toppings.

I'm a big fan.

My favorite of the options is the New York Dog. I feel obligated to love the Chicago Dog, due to my impending move. However, those tomatoes are spooky. It seems like too many things to put on a hotdog. It makes me uncomfortable. And that rogue pepper. It seems like it accidentally ended up on the hotdog, like it was just hanging out with that giant pickle and it got scooped up as well. That pepper is a pickle parasite.

I sort of feel like I’m going to let the city of Chicago down when I get there. They have very popular regional dishes. Very popular regional dishes that I am not incredibly keen on. I can handle deep dish pizza. But those hotdogs and those dipped beef sandwiches seem strange. Sorry Chicago, I promise to at least try your dishes.

So there’s that. Happy Hotdog Day!


Talking to a city seems totally normal. Right?

PS: Tomorrow I am going back in time to my childhood. I am finally seeing the Backstreet Boys in concert. BACKSTREET IS BACK!! ALRIGHT!!


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