Backstreet’s Back

I’m reliving my childhood. I’ll update tonight. I will be sure and show you the shape of my heart.


Show me the meaning of being lonely.


It’s Ice Cream Day so I’ll start with that. We have had a carton of Hagen Daaz vanilla ice cream in our freezer for a few days and I’ve been grabbing bites. I had some today. It was delightfully delicious. I wish I had lavender and I would have attempted to make the tasty lavender ice cream I had one time on vacation. While this ice cream eating was my celebration for the day it was by no means the most exciting part of my day.

I went to a New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys concert tonight. I would have loved to have been able to tell 5 grade Kate that one day she would see Brian Littrell in the flesh. It was one of the greatest concerts I’ve ever been to. They opened with both bands singing with a Coldplay song in the background. I literally almost started crying.

I went into this concert thinking I didn’t know very many NKOTB songs. I was wrong, I knew a lot. LFO was right, they did have a bunch of hits. I realized that Donnie Wahlberg might not by my second favorite Wahlberg after all. I mean, he ripped his shirt off. Which brings me to my next point, ladies go crazy for the New Kids. I have never seen more moms lose it faster than when Jordan Knight sings. Which I don’t understand, because he sounds like a girl.

The New Kids were looking good. And so were the Backstreet Boys, sans Kevin Richardson.

Definitely the right stuff.

Kevin Richardson didn’t join the rest of the Backstreet Boys on this tour. So I asked myself, “What is Kevin doing that is more profitable than touring around the country with two of the most popular boy bands of all time?” Seriously, what is he doing? I didn’t miss him. He wasn’t my favorite BSB. Brian was. He was even more amazing that my 5th grade self could have imagined. I will have to say that Howie was the most improved BSB. And Nick Carter was still as strange as ever. He still really loves being in the Backstreet boys.

They brought up 4 girls on stage and sang to them. I was jealous. I was really really jealous. It was definitely not that one girl’s birthday.

Anyway, Backstreet Boys were amazing, even if I did have to wait 10 years to see them.

Crouching is the most popular boy band move.


Hangin’ Tough

PS: We chanted at various points in the night N-K-O-T-B-S-B. It was catchy.


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