Caviar is the world’s strangest topping. Fish eggs. If you tried to convince someone to eat fish eggs you couldn’t, but you slap a fancy name on it and boom people are eating that stuff like it’s going out of style.

I did not in fact eat caviar on National Caviar Day, but I did ponder over my caviar experiences. So, I’ll tell you about it. We were in London. We being my mom and sister and I. We were at Harrod’s. Harrod’s is a large magical land filled with things only Sheiks from Saudi Arabia can afford.

But the first floor of Harrod’s is a food court. A giant sprawling organized by food theme food court. It’s in my top 5 favorite places in all of London. Anyway, we were there and we happened to be in the seafood section.

Well, my sister (who is at summer camp and is having this blog mailed to her every night) developed a love of caviar at a very young age. I’m not entirely sure where she first had caviar, but my guess would be the Sunday brunch at our country club. There was always smoked salmon and on the smoked salmon tray was always some caviar.

Back to Harrod’s. Third grade Abby spots a small jar of caviar. She picks up a jar of caviar for sale. It happens to be the most expensive caviar you can buy. One small jar was 430 pounds. That’s $691.18. My mom wasn’t interested in spending $691.18 for a small jar of caviar. Abby was devastated. As I recall she cried. So there’s that. My most exciting caviar experience.


Wanna try some fish eggs?


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