Queen of Naps

It’s a self claimed title, I’ll admit, but I don’t think anyone will get their feathers ruffled about it. I am the Queen of Naps. I can fall asleep anywhere. By anywhere I mean very literally anywhere. Buses, cars, couches, floors, chairs, trains, planes all places are fair game.

Naps and I go hand in. It’s part of my genes. My dad is a napper. My mom…. not so much. She will will her self to avoid the nap as long as possible, regardless of sleepiness. If I even think about a nap I get in my bed.

I didn’t nap today, but then again I didn’t get out of bed until 11:30 a.m. so I figured that was a fair trade off.

I napped after my first day of kindergarten, I napped after my last day of college. I love naps. If you recall, recently I fell asleep on a plane a stranger filmed it and then we became friends. Thanks for helping to make a hilarious moment American Airlines.

One thing though, I need a better place to put my feet when I’m trying to nap in the window seat. The arm rest of the guy in front of me isn’t the best. The strange little shelf type situation, too low. So, in the future, when you are getting new planes, make sure they are nap appropriate.


I forgot my Advantage number…

PS: How mad do you think Alcoholics Anonymous is that Americans Airlines took the URL aa.com?


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One response to “Queen of Naps

  1. There’s a gene in our family, I swear! I, too, am known for napping anywhere and everyone. I once napped under a shrub at Six Flags, on a brick wall at Silver Dollar City, and on a sofa in Nordstrom’s. There is photographic evidence of many of my spontaneous naps because they were taken by friends who are amazed I can sleep anywhere.

    PS: Once you hit the working world, be advised naps in the office are bad hoo doo. But a quick one in your car is A-Okay.

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