The Cousins

I have some cousins. I have lots actually. But lots live far far away. Taylor, Thomas and Brad live in New Jersey.

New Jersey is cold, but they are great!!

Brooke and her sweet family (Brad and babies Tyson and Noah) live in Kansas City.

Cutest family. I haven't seen them in years!!!

Clark lives in Oregon with his almost wife Lea (they are getting married in a few weeks). I used to call Clark ‘Duck’  when I was little. Clark was just too many letters to handle.

Coolest engagement picture.

But I have 4 cousins that live in the same town I do.

There are 7 of us included in The Cousins. Me, Jane, Jack, Abby, Betsy, Ellen and Tom. We range from ages 21 to 10. Here they are, the 4 cousins that I see the most often out of all of my available cousins.

This is Jane. She has a nugget named Evie, you’ve seen her before. She’s snuggly.

I like her. I'm going to miss her when I move far far away.

Jane and her little nugget. She's almost a month old!

Jane is hilarious and fun and sweet. I love her very very much.

This is Jack. He’s going to college in a month. He’s a quiet sort, but so funny. He has the driest sense of humor and always has an interesting story to tell, like the man on a bicycle that stalked him around town. He’s very cute.

Jack Armstrong, the All-American boy. Fun fact: that's really his name.

He is going to be a real live college student in under a month. I remember when he looked like this.

He refused to take this picture without the jellybeans. He's cool.

Jack and Jane. I like them.

This is Betsy. Betsy is by far the funniest cousin I have. Perhaps the funniest person I know. She is the only one of The Cousins with blonde hair but me (Abby and Jane went to the dark side, literally.). Betsy has an unlimited supply of ridiculous faces.

She will probably disown me for this.

She does things like this on the regular.

Oh she is just the cutest.

Pretty Pretty Princess.

I kept finding hilarious pictures of Betsy and I couldn’t stop myself.

This is Ellen. She is graceful. She has the most beautiful hair in the all of the land. She is insanely smart. She and Betsy are on the Pom squad together.

Beautamous. That's a family word. It means beautiful.

Jack and Ellen are brother and sister.

That’s that. Those are all my people. I like them all. I hope they don’t hate that I blogged their sweet faces.


I’m that person that just opened their wallet to show you their children. I’m sorry.

PS: We are kind of hilarious.

I love finger guns.




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