Loops of a Fruited Variety

I’m a real big fan of sugar cereal. Not the biggest of all time ever in all the world, but I’m a pretty big fan. Since it’s Fruit Loops day, naturally I just went to the store and bought a box of Fruit Loops. I had a bowl of Captain Crunch Berries, which in my sugar cereal opinion, is a far superior cereal.

But I ate the Loops with joy.

Bowl of Loops

I accidentally included a lot of the counter in this picture. I’m sorry? I just wanted to show you our beautiful granite.

Well I look creepy.

I’m not entirely sure why I look so strange. Maybe because I saw a collection of hoodlums at the grocery store when I was buying Fruit Loops just moments before this picture was taken? Maybe because I like Crunch Berries better? Do I look like I have one eye bigger than the other?

I’m sorry I look so scary. Occasionally I photograph quite poorly. I’ll add whilst eating cereal to the list of times not to have my picture taken. Other times include whilst running with a kite, it’s not attractive. At all.

I just scrolled up and realized that I told you I ate the loops with joy, which I did, but my face absolutely does not convey that point. At all.

While I was buying my Fruit Loops, I started pondering old Fruit Loops commercials. Remember how Toucan Sam had three sons/nephews that followed him around asking about his cereal? I do sort of. It really just reminded me that I really like old advertising campaigns. Reese’s there’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s. That was genius. Goldfish I love the fishes cause they’re so delicious, gone goldfishin’. Also genius. Cookie Crisp, I never really understood the concept that was going on there. And my mom never bought Cookie Crisp for the same reason every other mom never bought Cookie Crisp, it’s made of cookies. So never mind about that one. They should have tried a lot harder with their marketing ideas.

I think that covers things for the day.


Count Chocula



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2 responses to “Loops of a Fruited Variety

  1. Will & Lauren

    Don’t worry, we never ate Cookie Crisp either.

  2. CoooooooOOOOOOOOOOOkie chrisp.

    the best was:
    i’m stuck on bandaid brand cause bandaid’s stuck on me.

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