If you have forgotten, I do happen to live in Cowboyland, America. I know real live ranchers. My Aunt is even married to one. I see real cows when I drive out of town. I know that about 99.6% of you live within a 10-20 mile radius of me, so you too see these cows. But if you don’t happen to live here and you don’t see cows on a regular basis, let me assure you, they exist. They just hangout around eating grass and such.

So on International Day of the Cowboy, I figured I should tell you the things that I know. I also need to inform you that I am not an expert. I’m not anywhere even close to an expert. I just happen to live near experts. It’s all about proximity.

But really I know nothing. I just know some cowboys. Here is my favorite cowboy. I don’t exactly know him, but I think he’s really great.

The friendliest of all Cowboys.

Woody has got to be the most loved cowboy of all, but he also might be the least experienced cowboy. He hasn’t laid eyes on cattle in ages.

But here’s the thing, this is my Uncle Johnny, he is very very much a cowboy.

That's him!

That’s him not being a cowboy. That’s him just at home. He has lots of cows that he ships lots of places. I’ve even eaten some of those delicious cows and let me tell you they were tasty. Sorry if you are opposed to animal consumption. Oklahoma isn’t really “don’t eat cows” land. We are pro cow eating here. Sorry.

Johnny likes to drink interesting beers. We always have chats about tasty beers. And he makes one mean Dark and Stormy, which is ginger beer and rum. It’s delicious. Johnny always has a great story. I love getting to be at holidays and various family related things with him. He is perhaps the happiest human I know and a cowboy. So there’s that. International Day of the Cowboy.


There’s not a snake in my boot.


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  1. naked babys baba

    I love that cowboy big much!!!!

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