When you think of pioneers who do you think of? Louis and Clark? The West? The play they perform in the movie Waiting for Guffman? I seriously doubt any of those things crossed your mind, because the first thing that I thought of was the computer game The Oregon Trail.

That game ruled. It still rules! I’m almost certain that you can play that on your iPhone. Which is great, because everyone needs to have access to dysentery on the go! Oregon Trail taught you all kinds of things. How to manage your money, how to make important decisions, how to ration your food, how to float a river in your covered wagon and the severity of a broken arm on the trail.

Everyone got dysentery on The Oregon Trail. At least one member of  your family died. AT LEAST. And you always had that moral battle on whether or not to take time and energy to build them a proper grave. I can’t believe they let us play this. But they were pioneers. Blazing a trail out west. Floating rivers. Fending off attacks. Things got serious quick.

I can’t remember if  you got to name the people with you or not. I sort of feel like you didn’t, because Kevin and David always had broken arms and I didn’t name anyone Kevin or David. If you are the one human that missed playing The Oregon Trail, I’m sorry that you don’t know how much corn is a good trade for an axe. We were learning the important things in computer class. The real important things.

I played Oregon Trail in my 6th grade computer class with Mr. Rovenstein. The only way we could play was if we finished our typing lessons. Well there were only two computers with Oregon Trail on them, and it was a first come first served basis. I very rarely got to play. I usually just assisted my friends with far superior typing skills that had finished before me. (If only they could see me now! This blog really amps up my WPM.)

So there’s that. It’s practically like you went to middle school with me now.


Dysentery free.



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3 responses to “Pioneer

  1. renee

    I played the Oregon trail when I was in Primary school and it was only for people who had been very well behaved that day. I played once or twice. It was AMAZING. I hated how my horses kept breaking their legs though. That was lame. hah. get it. anyhoo, I totally agree. Oregon Trail is great. Dysentry I imagine, not so much!

  2. Kryn

    I think of Ree.

  3. Tessla

    I played a game called Hammurabi in high school. At that time it was the only game in town. At that time ‘town’ meant a small regional area of other local high schools on the same ‘network’ (that word was not used for connected computers at that time). When I got to college it was the first year at my college that you didn’t use cards to load your program into the mainframe (a mainframe was sort of like they are trying to make ‘the cloud’).

    I have heard of this Oregon Trail. After reading your blog I will try to remember to find the app for my phone. If, after reading my comment, you have any desire to try Hammurabi it is at:

    It’s a text game…but not ‘text’ like in something you send, in the old sense of the word as in something you read. Ideally you play it on a printer, not a screen (didn’t have those; you read the text on the dot matrix printer)…imagine my joy when we got our Atari (and it came with Pong!!!).

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