Ants and Uncles

I say ‘aunts’ the same way I say ‘ants’. I do not approve or support ‘onts’. Now that we have set things straight, it’s Aunts and Uncles Day. Now, I have some of those, not as many as I have cousins, but I’ve got a decent amount.

I’ll start with my mom’s side of the family. She has two sisters. Becky is the in the middle and Barbara is the youngest.

This is Becky and Steve.

The 80s ruled.

Who are Curt -n- Andi? They sound nice.

This is much more recent.

They have been married for 21 years. I like them very much. As you recall from a previous post, this is my uncle that swam the spooky pool for a bet from my father and this is my aunt that can quote anything from the movie Arthur. They make me laugh. My uncle Steve always asks me the best ‘what’s going on in your life’ question. Never general. Always interesting. So there’s Becky and Steve Armstrong.

This is Barbara and Johnny.

I got to go to their wedding!!

Barbara no longer has brown hair and you all already know Johnny from Cowboy Day. I like them too. They too are fun, fun is theme here on Aunt and Uncle Day. Barbara has a knack for paint colors and directions. Johnny, like I already informed you, like dark beers and laughing and cow wrangling. I live in the same town as them (and Becky and Steve).

And now for my dad’s side of things. These are his sisters.

This is Debbie and Randy.

I don't know where they are, but it looks nautical!

When I was little I called Randy ‘Bundy’. I don’t get to see Debbie and Randy as much as I would like, but they just moved to a suburb of Chicago! I’m moving there in 5 days! So hopefully I will get to see them much more often. They will be my nearest family! Oklahoma and Chicago aren’t so close if you weren’t too keen on geography. Debbie and Randy are so sweet and so fun. And Debbie has a really great purple coat!

This is Melinda and Rich.

Nautical themed again!

Rich is in the Coast Guard. He’s kind of a big deal. People know him. My aunt Melinda came to visit Oklahoma a few days ago. It was so good to see her. I only see them about once a year. Melinda and Rich live in New Jersey. Rich always has really cool Coast Guard stories. We all went to the beach one time and he identified all the planes/helicopters for us.

My aunt Melinda really takes the cake on Aunt and Uncle Day. I apologize to the rest of my aunts and uncles, but she totally wins. She works for Mars Chocolate. She always brings us candy. As we were chatting the other night I discovered the Combos, my most favorite snack in all the land, is a Mars product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, those were all necessary.

She just couldn’t believe that I loved Combos. Apparently, the target market for Combos is not almost 22 year old post college blonde haired blogging females. I love them so. I told Melinda I would chat about things I love about Combos. Like how to eat them and why they rule. So here goes.

I have told you about my love of Combos before. I pinky promise I am not sponsored by Combos; however, I’m not saying I wouldn’t love it. But I do have an extremely intense love of Combos. I realize that not everyone may know what a Combo is or how to consume one, don’t worry I’m here to help you!! This is a Combo! (While searching for a picture, I found their website!!!)

Naturally, the blue bag is leading the force.

Here’s what you need to know. First of all, if you are eating Combos, you are eating junk food. Realize this, and don’t turn the bag around. You don’t read the back of the Pringles can when you eat the entire can. Next, the cheese inside rules. It’s sort of like an Oreo. Those cookies are just the cream holders. With Combos, the outside is just the cheese holder. So eat this part first. Try to successfully have only the cheese left. If this happens to you, pump your fist in celebration!!

Now you know. Don’t you feel better about your snack time abilities. You should, you really should. Also, if you happen to drive a 2005 Jeep Liberty, the bag of Combos in the picture fits perfectly between the emergency break and your console. I encourage you to come up with your own way to eat a Combo. I have other favorites, but I’m pressed for time. Maybe I’ll share them with you later. We can both stop pretending this will be my last time to mention Combos on this blog.


Promoting snack time abilities since always.

PS: I’m watching Jimmy Fallon and he just mentioned Combos in a bit with Steve Carrell. Go Combos!!


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  1. granny

    Kate, the aunt and uncle piece is as entertaining as the evening that you and Melinda had the combo discussion! Keep on writing:):) oxox Granny

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