That stands for National Chocolate Milk Day and that’s what I’m celebrating. Chocolate milk is like the king of milk. If you live in this part of the United States, and by this part I mean the part near Oklahoma, you know about Braum’s. Braum’s has the most delicious chocolate milk. It’s basically like a melted milkshake.

Tonight, I wasn’t in the mood to drive to Braum’s so I made my own chocolate milk. Much less milkshake like, but I made it with my bare hands. Milk and Hersey’s chocolate syrup. It was delicious. However, as soon as I drank it my back started hurting. Probably not related, nevertheless I blame the milk.

I am also packed, almost entirely. It’s very strange. There are so many boxes in my garage that I honestly don’t know what is inside them anymore. It’s going to be like going shopping when I open them. Two sleeps and I’ll be there! Counting things by sleeps is the greatest way to count. The main thing I always count by sleeps is the countdown to Christmas.

So, I drank chocolate milk and packed and I am still searching for a square or rectangle lampshade (although I’ve been told that’s the last thing on earth to be stressed out about). Things are dwindling down here in Oklahoma. I start work on Monday. It’s like I have a real life. I’ve made it out of adulthood purgatory into the Elysian Fields of Chicago. My Mythology class really did me well, although my grades would have suggested otherwise.

I go to Chicago for a week and come directly back to Oklahoma for a wedding. My two sweet friends are getting married. I’ve known the groom since 8th grade and the bride since freshman year of college. All of my friends from high school and college will be there. It’s going to be great.

I hope that if you celebrate along with me, which I doubt you do because you have far more important lives with far more important things to do, I hope your chocolate milk was delectable. And didn’t make your back hurt.


Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.

PS: I’m interested in cracking into the StumbleUpon world. If you click on comments I think there is an option to add this to StumbleUpon. I’d just love it if you did that.



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2 responses to “NCMD

  1. Sarah Spitser

    unknowingly I celebrated with you! I had a nice cold glass of chocolate milk right before bed last night. Congrats on your move to Chicago! Good luck with the transition to real world working girl.

  2. ……………all your friends?

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