A thing I love.

It’s Lipstick Day and I love lipstick. I went to Tulsa today and I headed to my most favorite make-up counter, MAC. MAC has this great program that let’s you get a free lipstick if you recycle 6 empty make-up containers. Well, I’ve had these empty containers sitting around for ages and ages.

So, I’m there, looking at lipsticks and I am having the hardest time deciding which one to get. Well, I finally settled upon a lipstick called Rebel. It’s kind of purpley pink. I also got a lip gloss called Pink Lemonade. They look very pretty together. I’m very pleased with my one free lipstick and my purchased gloss.

I have always loved lipstick and lip gloss. Currently, I have 4 different lipsticks in my purse and that’s only in my purse. It’s sort of a bad habit. I’m sure that the statistic that women eat an average of 7 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime is shattered by me. I am probably up to 7 pounds and I’m only almost 22. I mean I’m not saying I should be on that show Freaky Eaters, but I’m not saying I won’t be there in 30 years.

I also found some cute things to wear to work. I purchased the most lovely yellow dress. I love yellow, it’s my most favorite color. I can’t wait to show you all pictures of my new apartment and all the yellowness that will reside within it’s walls.

I leave in the morning. I am packing my last boxes. They are mainly consisting of the last of my laundry and all of my bathroom things. I can’t believe that I am really moving there. I can’t wait until Sunday night, when I’m finally all settled in.

Are people from Chicago called Chicagoans? I mean it doesn’t really matter, I will claim Bartian forever. Mainly because Bartian is the greatest thing to be called, but partly because I love Bartlesville and always will.

Tomorrow is Comedy Day, which is fitting because I’ll be in a Uhaul, riding on a jumpseat in the middle of my parents. It’s going to rule.


MAC, I’m not sponsored by you either, but feel free to put me on the payroll.

PS: Apple Computers has more money on hand than the US government. Spooky.

PPS: Brian Williams was on Jimmy Fallon tonight. They were talking about the debt crisis and the fact that Apple has more money than the US. Brian Williams comments, “Well, they make way cooler stuff.” And that’s why I love Brian Williams.


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