Coast Guard

I think the Coast Guard is the branch of the military that people know the least about. Good news! My uncle is in the Coast Guard! His name is Rich and he is great. He married my Dad’s sister, the one that works at Mars (they have really great corporate lives).

Anyway, today is Coast Guard Day. Now, I live in Chicago. It’s not exactly on a coast. However, if you talk to people here there is indeed a beach. This isn’t a real beach it’s simply the edge of Lake Michigan. Which is in fact a lake if you were wondering. And not in fact an ocean.

So I haven’t exactly been to the ‘beach’. But if I did I go to the ‘beach’ I would totally want the Coast Guard to be there to make sure the sharks of Lake Michigan didn’t get me. I didn’t really know how to celebrate Coast Guard Day here is a city on a fake beach, but I ate Mexican food? I that a celebration for Coast Guard? Of course it is!!!

Now I’ll show you the hierarchy of the Coast Guard.

Well, here’s the thing. Apparently, the interwebs do not want me to know the accurate list of Coast Guard rankings, which is rude. What if I was on a trivia game show and I needed to know!!!! The internet would have failed me. Nice job Jeeves. So I apologize. See Aunts and Uncles Day for the picture of my Uncle Rich in all his coast guard regalia.




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  1. Charlene

    My dad served in the Coast Guard in WWII, and he totally rocked, so I love the Coast Guard! Trivia fact: my dad crossed the Atlantic Ocean 48 times during that war. Now that’s a lot. Semper Paratus!

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