Well, it’s Underwear Day. And good news I wore them today. I am back in Oklahoma for the weekend. My two friends from high school and college are getting married. I went to the rehearsal dinner and now I’m hanging out with almost all of my favorite people in my life. Almost.

The wedding weekend extravaganza is shaping up to be a delight. However, I was packing my bag to come to Tulsa for the night and I almost forgot my underwear!! What a disaster?!?! But fear not! I remembered.

And here’s the thing about underwear. I don’t do laundry until I run out of underwear. Which is a ridiculous amount of laundry! So underwear can be used as a marker of time or a super appropriate thing to wear under the rest of your clothes.

So I hope you didn’t go commando today. Because that is the opposite of a celebration.




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One response to “Underwhere?

  1. how did you do this whole post and not reference the one and only song that references underwear??? and it’s the barenaked ladies??

    You’ll notice that I’m not around / I could hide out under there / I just made you say “underwear” / I could leave but I’ll just stay…..

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