Trapped on the second floor.

It’s Happiness Happens Day. I’m a firm believer in the statement that you can decide to be happy. You can allow people to influence you or not. So I was searching for the happiness in my day and while it is only lunchtime I have found several things that have made me incredibly happy.

1. I found a green gel pen in my cup of pens on my desk. I was thrilled. I plan on drawing all over my hands today like it’s the 7th grade.

2. Pandora played the Circle of Life as the first song of my day. And this is the part of the blog where I try to spell the beginning of that song. MMMMYYYYYY ZEEEEBBBBEEEAAAANNNNIIIIAAAAAAA. Na na niecey zapore. Ha I just looked it up. Turns out it’s another language. The correct spelling is “Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba”. I prefer “My zebeania. Na na niecey zapore”, but that’s just me. In English it means “Here comes a lion, father”.

3. I ate Cheese Its as a snack. It’s most most favoritest snack of all. If you tried to tell me that Cheese Nips or Whales or Goldfish were a better cheese cracker snack alternative, I would laugh at you and ask if you had ever had Cheese Its, already knowing that you hadn’t or we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

4. Chelsie brainstormed some really great holidays to fill in the gaps for August.

5. I had lobster bisque for lunch. Oh, I mentioned the bisque.

And now for a funny story. I walked to Merchandise Mart for lunch. It’s a gigantic building with a million things inside and to be completely honest I’m not super sure what goes on there. Well, Au Bon Pain was relocated to the second floor, which is rude because I didn’t know that.

So I finally get up to the second floor after locating the escalator. I get my lobster bisque. The man at the cash register was maybe the nicest man I’ve ever met. I ate my lobster bisque. I looked for the down escalator that doesn’t exist. So I wander for a little bit. I don’t like asking for directional help. So I don’t usually. I just figure I’ll wing it. There are about 1,000 elevators at this place but I felt morally wrong taking the elevator from the second floor down. So I wandered. I found a cool hair salon. And tile store. And a post office. Then I saw some ladies taking an elevator down and I hopped in with them and escaped the second floor food court death trap by the skin of my teeth.

It’s been a great day. Happiness is happening. It’s also Sneak Some Zucchini on Your Neighbor’s Doorstep Day. I don’t know how that’s going to go this afternoon, but we shall see. I like you all very much.


I’m really glad teeth don’t have skin.


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