Happy Hands Club

It’s National Handholding Day. I hope you celebrated by having a good couple skate at your local skating rink or holding a stranger’s hand on the bus. (Today a man on the bus was super mean to me. I wanted to tell him that his music probably wasn’t as obscure as he thought it was. That would have really showed him.) Anyway, I celebrated quite nicely today.

I held hands with a boy that I think is wonderful and holding hands with a boy that you think is wonderful is the best celebration possible. We walked from his apartment to the liquor store to buy a bottle of wine and from the liquor store to the BYOB Thai restaurant that we ate dinner at. It’s called Pho and I. We split lots of tasty things and now I have a tasty lunch for tomorrow at work.

Back to hand holding. There are certain styles of handholding that one must familiarize themselves with prior to the 8th grade. You have two categories, gloves and mittens. I went with mittens tonight. Mittens seem less sweaty in the summer time heat, not that Chicago has massive amounts of heat, but mittens it was. I take the mittens one step further. I tuck my thumb inside our hands. I just do. I always have. It’s how I handhold. I have my own handholding swag/style.

I am pro-handholding. I think it’s nice. However, I am also pro-arm taking. Both convey the same message, I don’t know what to do with my hands so I grabbed this guys hand/arm. I  bet you thought that I was going to talk about how it conveyed loving feelings of adoration and smiles and rainbows and puppies, you were wrong.

So I successfully celebrated. It was a good handhold, just in case you were wondering. And the Thai food ruled. Now it’s movie time.

But before movie time, I need to discuss my predicament when it comes to National Art Appreciation Day. I live in a city of fantastic museums. The problem is they haven’t figured out that being free is infinitely better than being not free. On Tuesday, the Contemporary Art Museum is free to Illinois residents. Fun fact, I’m an Illinois resident. Not so fun of a fact, I still have an Oklahoma license. Mind you a license that still says I’m under 21 till August 16, 2010. So I couldn’t go for free today. Devastating. I am on a budget of sorts and expensive museums haven’t been exactly factored in. So there’s that.


My favorite flavor is Thai.



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  1. so, i prefer to call it either “championship grip” or “relationship grip”. championship grip is what you call “mittens” – it’s less invasive. and it conveys a sort of “red-rover” strength. relationship grip is “i don’t care that this is mildly uncomfortable and may cause hand sweat cause i like you that much” ish. personally i prefer championship grip unless i am in a movie theater. 🙂

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