Taxicab Day

This day was a success sort of. A success because we rode in a cab, not a success because it was pouring rain. We went on quite the rain adventure.

First things first, I don’t live near the Shedd Aquarium. So we took a cab. And today was a rain apocalypse. By the time we got to the aquarium the storm was about to unleash and the line to the aquarium was miles of humans long. We took pictures of this wonderful city I live in and decided to look for a place to hide from the storm.

We found a tunnel and sat out the rain. Or so we thought. We walked up to the museum (that wasn’t letting anyone inside due to capacity/the storm) and it started raining again. We hid on the porch and made friends and we finally got inside. We saw a million fish. And it was great.

We were leaving and it wasn’t raining so we decided to walk a ways. Big mistake it rained again and we couldn’t find a cab for ages. We were wet and wanted to be home. We got a cab driven by a gender neutral human. It was a good day for the most part.

And now I’m home and watching a movie with the people I love. The end.


Our friends were from Kalamazoo. I told them that wasn’t a real place.


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