It’s a double holiday, Victory Day and Alfred Hitchcock’s birthday. I love winning and I love Alfred so things really worked out today. In honor of such holidays I watched Keegan Bradley win the PGA Championship. That was a victory. I thought he looked particularly sharp in his white pants and red shirt. I’m very pro white pants.

And in honor of Alfred’s birthday, I feel like I can call him Alfred, I am watching Dial M for Murder. I love Hitchcock movies. I haven’t seen this one and it’s on Netflix instant stream. So far I love it. Grace Kelly looks amazing. She has this wonderful lace and satin red dress on. And the opening scene has a lady in a beautiful yellow coat on. And by this point in this blog, you should know how I feel about the color yellow.

Basically Dial M for Murder consists of a jealous tennis player husband plotting to kill his beautiful rich cheating wife (she’s having an affair with a mystery novel writer). Things go awry and well it’s Hitchcock so we will see which one of them dies in the end.

The first Hitchcock movie I ever saw was The Birds. It’s terrifying, especially when you are in grade school. I love Rope. Rope was filmed in consecutive shots. It’s only 10 shots and it’s awesome. I love North by Northwest. I love Strangers on a Train. I love Rear Window. I highly recommend you get yourself immersed in some Hitchcock movies. You most certainly will not be disappointed.


I need this dress and a place to wear it.

She is an actual pretty pretty princess.

PS: I totally forgot to tell you what happened to me on Thursday. I was leaving work, standing at the corner of Hubbard and La Salle. All of the sudden I see a car with a huge thing attached to the roof. Part of it was spinning. It was the Google maps street view camera!! I am so thrilled for them to update the maps. SO THRILLED! I will be sure and inform you of my claim to fame when I am featured on my walk home from work.


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