If you don’t know what that means, you are probably not in high school. Look it up. It’s Best Friends Day and I have quite a lot of those. But unfortunately none of them are close to me at the present moment.

Recently a large group of my dearest and sweetest friends started facebook message. We are all doing different things these days and we needed a way to stay up to date on each others lives without having to tell the same story 1,000 times. One is in Los Angeles working and acting. One is in Texas in hygiene school. One is working in Oklahoma in a dental office. One is finishing the last semester at OU. One is working full time in Norman. One is in nursing school in OKC. One is married and in OT school. One is married and working for an Oil and Gas company in OKC. And I’m here in Chicago, pretending to be a grown up. And those are just the ones on my thread. I have another one in Dallas working at a PR firm. And another one in Arkansas being a teacher.

I love each and everyone of them. And I desperately miss them. I didn’t realize how much I would miss them when I moved. I have missed them all for different reasons. I miss the one in LA because no one puts up with my love of fake accents longer than her. I miss the one in Texas because she makes my heart happy with her incredibly sweet words. I miss my dental office person because she is so grounded and wise. I miss the one with one last semester because I laugh so incredibly hard with her. I miss my one working in Norman because I don’t know how to not live with her. I miss the one in nursing school because no one here loves games as much as she does. I miss my one in OT school because she is unorganizedly perfect. I miss my one with a big corporate job because she loves antiques as much as I do. I miss my PR one because she is my person. I miss my teacher one because she’s loved me the longest.

I want nothing more than to give each of hugest hug ever and make dinner for all of us. I love you all dearly and miss you more than this 426 words (so far) can convey. Thank you for being the most wonderful humans.


I cried a little when I wrote this and I absolutely hate crying.

PS: I realized at work today when I use italics I turn my head to the side while typing. It’s a curious thing.

PPS: Chelsie, Alex, Callyn, Melissa, Toni, Katie, Jordan, Sierra, Lauren and Natalie I love you to the moon and back again.

I like them.

Pretty pretty princesses.

That's my person.

Kate and Alex Pom.



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2 responses to “BFFaeaeae

  1. Charlene

    Ahhhhh. Moving is really hard. I know your sweet friends miss you terribly too. Hang in there, Princess Kate (oops….for a second I thought that title was taken, but she’s a dutchess, right?) Anyway…where was I? Your dearest friends will always have a piece of your heart…but I just know there are a few more BFFs in Chicago who will be blessed by your friendship too. Looking forward to hearing about them someday. BTW I bought the pear picture. Thanks for the advice. Now here’s some from me: Go umbrella shopping! I know you can find a beautiful yellow one. xo

  2. Dear person,

    purple monsters on repeat.
    lock it up.


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