Jean Jackets

I want a jean jacket. A cool 1992 style faded jean jacket. One that is maybe a little longer and baggier. I’m convinced that jean jackets are totally back. Regardless, I want one. My mom used to have one. There’s a picture of her in one (Mom, find that pic and send it to me. I also probably should have told you about this request prior to  you cleaning out dad’s closet.)

I tell you all of this because today is Thrift Store Day. I live in a big wonderful city, one that each day I am growing to love more and more. I stopped at a designer resale place on my way home. I went in with really low expectations, which is good, because there wasn’t a whole lot going on. I didn’t really need a pair of pointed toe Chanel pumps with an ankle strap.

I went in there with the goal of finding a sweet jean jacket. Good news I found a sweet vintage Calvin Klein jean jacket. Bad news it was $81 doll hairs. I don’t know if you knew, but I don’t have $81 doll hairs to spend on the greatest jean jacket of all time. I also looked on eBay tonight, which is really just the worlds thrift store. I found this. I’m seriously considering purchasing it, because I do have $15 doll hairs to spend on the greatest jean jacket of the 80s.

Someone send this to me for a belated birthday present. Please?

I would wear it so well. I promise.

Can we talk about why a jean jacket would cost $81? Does that seem astronomically high for denim? That store just marked up denim as high as a baker marks up flour. Which is high, in case you were wondering. Fun fact, this jean jacket from eBay looks like a normal 80s staple, and it is. However, it’s got a nice little bit of detail.

Eagles and denim. A match made in heaven.

So I’m still jean jacketless. But I’m in the market. So, if you are cleaning out your closet and you happen across a jean jacket that you don’t want anymore please please I beg you. Email me here You won’t regret it and neither will I. You think I might be kidding but I’m not. I would even send you the necessary postage to get that jean jacket from you. So. There’s that.


Chelsie and I made Pterodactyl necks on Skype while I wrote this.

PS: The cookie dough ice cream I’m currently eating is interesting. I think the cookie dough bits are oatmeal raisin flavored.

PPS: I owe you all an explanation. I blogged yesterday at lunch. Wrote the whole thing. And posted it, OR SO I THOUGHT. I looked this morning and apparently it posted to a draft, which is rude, because that was totally NOT a draft. I updated it this morning. I apologize if you were without any bathroom reading material last night.


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  1. I have two of the best jean jackets in the world and I wouldn’t part with them for any number of doll hairs. One is white denim and came from the Gap years ago. I still wear it. It’s so cool, especially in the spring when the air is still crisp and it’s paired with cotton skirts and cute ballet flats. The other is regular blue denim and best part — it’s lined with a pink argyle sweater. It’s a little snug so I don’t wear it so much anymore, but I’m hanging on to it. I might get skinny when I’m 80.

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